Wednesday, November 22

thankful for...

In college I started a tradition on Thanksgiving morning that I would get up early and go for a run on the beach. I would run from temple beach to the end of castles then back and the whole time I would be saying a prayer of thanksgiving for all of the things that I had in my life that I was thankful for. The run would take about 40 min and I never had a problem filling the time thinking of things that I was thankful for- although I always would take a break at goat island to check the waves. It would be great to be on that run right now, but since I am not I still wanted to be sure to identify things in my life that I am thankful for, so the number 100 came to mind and I thought why not. It’s not a top 100 and it’s not in any particular order, although I did start with categories and try to get ten in each one then went on to random things that I am thankful for. I am sure that I could write explanations of why I am thankful for each thing, but I will just keep those to myself, so if some of these sound funny, well, just know that I do have a reason, maybe. So here goes...

Luke- for his hard work, his love of velzy and me, his integrity, his guitar playing, his sense of humor, his patience with my often times 8 year-old antics, his love of surfing, that he won’t keep us here for more than a few more years, he’s smart, those blue eyes and well, everything about him.
Velzy- her happy eyes, that she is healthy, her hugs and snuggles, her love of books, that she takes good naps, she sleeps through the night, her laughter, she holds my hand, the way she makes luke and i laugh, that she can stand up on her own, her dancing.
My Family- a fun loving dad and his example of hard work and how he always does what is right, a selfless mother who is a great example of service and love, adam who can always make me laugh and is a great friend, brock for is funny emails and hard work and devotion while on his mission, brynn for just being her, her phone calls and smile, and for my grandma’s on both sides of the family who are so full of love and support, and aunts and uncles too.
My Second Family (lukes)- riley- for his amazing knowledge and his love of surfing, connie for being the biggest sweatheart in the world and her example of pure love for her family, zac for some good sarcasim and knowing it all, molly for her laugh and artistic talents, betsy and kris for their little one on the way, their friendship, and that kris didn’t kill me when I would referee his basketball games and suck at it.
The Gospel- for forgiveness, for the atonement and my older brother Jesus Christ, and a loving Heavenly Father, for the temple and the covenants made there, for opportunities to serve and be served, for good examples from members, for the scriptures, for Joseph Smith, for those who stand up for what they believe in, for learning, for being sealed to my family forever, for the knowledge of where I am going, President Hinckley...
and other things that just popped into my head-
a warm house, friends who laugh with me, understand me, and listen to me, cell phones, computers, the internet, costco samples, baby einstien, nature- sand, oceans, waves, dolphins, turtles, warm sunshine, hot summers, cool falls, spring time green (notice winter is not mentioned at all), squirrels, fireflies, the color of leaves in the fall, good memories, learning, modern medicine, photographs, digital cameras, an easy pregnancy, little kicks and punches in my belly and the thought of a new baby in our family, sleeping in, smiles, indoor pluming, laughter, free museums and stuff in d.c., airplanes, blogging friends, warm clothes, candy, good food, ocean breezes, vacations, different cultures, hobbies, the future.

This list is really just a list to help me reflect on a small portion of the things that I have to be thankful for, I could come back to the computer one hundred times today and add things that have not just popped into me head while velzy is napping. i think I have more than 100, but I didn't go back and count. I have so much to be thankful for and I know that I am not as grateful for all that I have as I could be, so I hope to be more greatful and carry the sprit of Thanksgiving with me for the next year.
Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!!!!


Luke said...

...And I'm so thankful for you Ash!!! Philippians 1:3 (that pretty much says it all kid)
Sincerely, Luke

MOM said...

And I am most thankful for a daughter who has taught me more in twenty-four years than I could have ever learned on my own. You are truly an inspiration to me... and like I've told you before you should have been my mother but Heavenly Father knew that I wouldn't have listen to you, so he send you as my daughter because then I had to listen and learn from you. Thank you for all that you have taught me, but most of all thank you for being you. I love you, MOM

Anonymous said...

AHHHH! Daren left a comment! I LOVE it. She tells me that all of the time Ash, you have taught her so much.

I LOVE your list and second everything you listed. Okay, maybe not the stuff about Luke, but about my husband instead. But I am grateful you have a husband that is all of those things.

What an awesome tradition, I wish you could be on your beach in Hawaii, but it looks like you stil had time to reflect.

You are going to have to start posting pics of your belly once you start popping out. You get to find out the gender soon, right? What do you think it is? I'm so excited for you to find out!!

Thanks for sharing, Ash. Awesome list.

Meggan said...

This is a great list. I have been thinking this week of everything I'm grateful for and to sum it up, it is everything. You named all the little things like cell phones, internet, baby smiles, sleeping through the night, etc. that I just have to say, AMEN.

Jen said...

great tribute to your family and to Thanksgiving.

What a sweet husban and mom you have.

kellymccaleb said...

you have a pretty much perfect life girl! now i have to go look up phil. 1:3!