Tuesday, November 21


this is olivia- my friend erin's daughter and velzy's little friend, well, it's sort of a love-hate thing. she loves to pose for the camera and this picture makes me laugh so hard.
i was trying to get a cute picture of the two of them together but with two toddlers that is impossible, so here is one from the back- they are probably both making funny faces but it doesn't even matter!
only two days till thanksgiving!!!! i am really excited! we are having dinner with three other families that live in our complex and there is going to be lots and lots of good food and fun to be had. it better be fun, cause thanksgiving is one of my favorite hoidays- mainly because it it centered around food- and i always miss being at home with the fam.
be on the look out for my 100 things i am thankful for list which will be arriving soon right here on my very own blog.


Iggy Enigma said...

you're inspiring, ashley. i may just have to think up my own 100 things i'm thankful for list!!

Jen said...

That is the funniest picture. What are the blue things on her face?

I can't wait to read the 100 things?

I hope you and your family have a beautiful Thanksgiving!

Ton said...

Love the pics. So, so cute. I love how toddlers "play" together. They could careless that the other is there. It's so dang funny.

That is so cool that you guys are getting together for Thanksgiving. It will be fun. Good job cooking the turkey. I wonder how many times you'll have to call Daren.

Missy said...

Goggles Jen. They're goggles. And those kids are adorable. Little people really. It's so funny seeing toddlers walk. They have everything we have, full on people, but just miniature. Good luck cooking the turkey! You'll do great.

Kelly McCaleb said...

yes yes yes! i want the potato recipe! kellymccaleb@hotmail.com. thanks, you're a doll. ps- if it's annoying to type it and email it, it's ok, no biggie!