Sunday, November 19

saturday outing

so, a lot of people comment about how great the east coast is, and don't get me wrong, it is. i have had a semi-bad attitude pretty much since we got here about being far away from family and the beach, two things i have a pretty hard time living without. but this weekend, i am starting anew, i am going to put on a happy face and really enjoy our time here. luke and i decided that we are really going to make the best of everything. not that we just sit around and complain, life is really really good and we are genuinely happy and so blessed. we do, however, watch surf videos all the time and are constantly saying we wish we were on a beach or with family.
there is so much cool stuff to see and do here, and for the most part it is free. as long as we keep busy and are going out and seeing new things and taking advantage of all that is around here, we will be happy, even if we are butt white. i am not saying that i won't complain- but i am going to try harder!
yesterday we went to the national cathedral, it is rad! seriously, it is so pretty! it had hundreds of gorgeous stained glass and so many cool mosaics and they were decorating for thanksgiving and there were the most amazing arrangements all over the place. for a moment i wanted to be catholic- until i remembered that there were dead peole all over the place (including woodrow wilson) and saw a catholic priest smiling at luke and velzy...
we had a really good time there disturbing the mass that was going on and then went down and walked around georgetown for a little bit. it was a great saturday.

i wish i could have gotten some good pitures of the mosaics or stained glass, but they were hard to do justice to- especially when i wasn't supposed to take pictures with the servces going on and i had to do them undercover.and the little runt drinks from a straw now- she walks around with her "big gulp" in tote all day and thinks that she is so cool, and i have to admit- she is.
and chanel- why doesn't your blog let me comment anymore- it hates me.


Anonymous said...

Im so glad you're taking advantage of the east, being that I think its got to be some of the coolest places in our country! I can understand it being hard away from your family, but man what an adventure. I don't really know why you're there- husband's job??? You really encomapss everything I would expect from an east coaster- enormous perspective, great sense of humor, and ability to see your surroundings in such a unique way. Love your blogs, love your little insights, love the picts!

Ton said...

Ash, great attitude. You will be so much happier just enjoying where you are. You have so much to enjoy around you. Easy for me to say, my mom is 5 miles away, we live 15 minutes from the beach and our idea of a fun afternoon is going to Disneyland. Haha! Sorry.

You are right, the cathedrals are spectacular. You are so lucky to have this experience in your life. You'll look back and smile when you think about it.

Velz is a rock star. Drinking from a straw.

It was fun to see Adam and Brynn at church today. Your mom entertained my kids for the entire hour and EB got in trouble (by me) for having sword fights with Ethan.

What are you guys doing for Thanksgiving?

Kelly McCaleb said...

love this post! it takes effort to not just sit on your butt wherever you live, but you do get to see amazing stuff...i completely understand about the east coast, i try to post positively to help with the feelings of wanting to leave! ;)