Thursday, November 16

paging ashley moffat to the nursery

is what i heard yesterday as i was washing the conditioner out of my hair in one of the lovely showers at the ymca. yes, i was taking a full-on get cleaned up shower at they ymca last night, our buildings water heater "went to water heater heaven" as our complex put it and we won't have warm water till, hopefully, tonight. luke was stoked to find that out yesterday as he was getting into the shower at 5 in the am and it was icy! anyways, i was taking a shower and i heard my name getting paged on the overcom to the whole gym- great! so i hurried as fast as i could to wash out my hair in a shower that had no water pressure, throw on some clothes, and make my way over to the nursery where velzy was being held captive. the poor kid was bright red from crying, which apparently she had been doing for a while. come to think of it, i might cry if i was held captive there too, she was with a lady luke and i affectionately call "crazy amy" and a cute little honduran lady julia who really doesn't speak much english. neither of them have children, which makes it funny to watch them babysit. julia was amazed when v stopped crying when i got her- apparently she did not know that mothers have that superhero affect on worked-up, upset babies.
anyways, i feel bad for velzy, she is in this in between stage. she is too big for the nursery at the ymca where all the babies are- they try to put her in a baby swing, which she has not liked for months now, and she gets worked up when the little babies get bottles cause she wants them, which is understandable. then there is the kids gym, which is where i work, complete with bounce house, climbing wall, legos, coloring, and always a game of soccer or tag or something. it is for the bigger kids, and velzy loves it there. the only problem is that there are lots of crazy kids running around and if i am not there the workers are a little leary of me leaving a smaller one there. but when she is there she is independent, on her own, just cruises around happy as can be. so what do i do? do i keep leaving her in the nursery where she doesn't want to be- but is safe? or do i drop her off in the kids gym- where she is happy? all of the kids there are really aware of her, and the little girls love her and try to play with her, and i think she would be fine, but there is always that what if... so, when i am there- no problem, kids gym it is, just because i can keep that extra eye on her, but what about when i want to work out on the other days of the week?
anyways, i really liked missy's new blog idea of everyday is a story, and that just happened to be yesterday's story. and going along with everyone getting new layouts on their blogs, i think i will look into that too, until velzy wakes up that is!


Ton said...

Poor little V. It melts my heart when they are hysterically crying for Mama. So, so sad. That is a tough dilemma. I am cracking up at the though of her in a baby swing. Honestly. What if you took a couple of her toys from home to the baby nursery while you worked out? I don't know. I don't really have any good advice. Sorry. I'm a loser. Hahahaha.

Ton said...

Oh, I just remembered. When I saw this template, I thought of you.

I don't know if you like it or not, but it's cute.

Jen said...

Can they nap in the baby nursery? maybe go when her nap time is.

Robyn said...

Take her to the kid nursery and tell them they better watch her closely or you'll tell your boss they are being neglectful!!

Soccer games? A bounce house? Your YMCA sounds amazing. I took Trent to the gym a few weeks ago and left him at the daycare and they paged me 19 minutes into my workout to come get him. How sad that I sprinted until I got to 20 minutes so I could feel like I at least got a 20 minute workout in? We're having some separation anxiety issues with him lately.

ashley said...

thanks for the ideas! i wish velzy was attached to some of her toys enough that they would make her feel better, and that she wouls fall asleep there, but there is no way that would ever happen :<
and robyn- seperation anxiety sucks! v will do ok for like 20 min, maybe more, and then its over. i wish we lived by each other so we could take turns watching each others kids so we could go run!

Meggan said...

Yes, Ashley, you must move back to the west coast someday. I have no idea what you're doing over there, but I hope it's temporary. I will watch V anytime you want to go exercise...if you live close enough.

Missy said...

Yeah, Avery wouldn't nap anywhere besides her bed either.
I agree with Rob, have her go to the kids nursery and maybe you could ask one person (a confidante?) that they keep special eyes on V. Poor girl was in a baby swing? I'd be crying too.

Isn't calming your baby by having her come to you a great feeling? Knowing that you are her world. That's cute.

Erin said...

I guess I have the opposite problem. When I walk in to get Summer from the Kids Club at the gym, she just babbles something to me and then walks the opposite direction. She is not happy to see me at all and does not want to leave yet. It would be nice to get that warm welcome like I am the soothe-all mama. Oh well! At least Summer greeted Matt the same way tonight when he returned to pick her up from the Kids Club. He had to chase her down and wrangle her to leave. So, it's both of us. I guess it's true that we don't have a cool play kitchen at our house. I vote for the Big Kids area. Good luck! Your YMCA sounds too cool.