Tuesday, August 8

a moment alone

whew... luke's parents left yesterday afternoon, and although i was sad to say good bye, i am glad to take a deep breath and relax at home not feeling like i need to be doing anything. they were here for 11 days and we did a lot, a couple museums, jamestown, williamsburg, the mall, a rad new thrift store i never knew existed, library of congress, lots of good food, visiting old friends, a couple of movies (i still love you captain jack sparrow, and will ferrel is the funniest man alive.), pool time, and many many photo shoots. velzy was a trooper for the most part, although some of the car rides were a little nerve racking, she was so cute with her grandparents and they with her. it sucks not living closer either family.
her walking is getting better every day. it is so funny how excited she is to be somewhat getting around on her own, she things she is getting good and will stop and look at things when she is half way between luke and i then start back up again. i don't have any good pics yet, but this will do.
oh, and we are moving at the end of the month- to just where we don't know yet. we have been going month-to-month renting since our year contract ended in june but our landlord called and said we had to ether sign another year contract or she had a friend who would, so we told her we would be out at the end of the month! it's actually a good thing, cause we really need to get into a 2 bedroom place but have been to lazy and picky but now the pressures on. we are looking at a place this afternoon that is in the building across from us and are hoping to get the guy to lower the rent so it will be do-able. i am not totally in love with the complex that we are in, mainly because i want a balcony and to be out of the city but i think that this would probably be best for is in many ways- it's super close to luke's work and we get to stay in our ward (which i love so much, the members out here are amazing). we will see what happens.
so i have an apartment to clean and a baby that is waking up (i can't believe she slept this long, i think she isn't feeling too hot), and my blog is not adding the cute pics of velzy and her grandparents that i want to add, bummer. but it's time to go!

have a happy tuesday!

missy- what is your blog address? i can't get to it through your comment and i really want to- it was so good to hear from you!


Melinda said...

I love it when they first start walking. It's so exciting. Taylor can pretty much run now, or at least she walks pretty dang fast.

Missy address is http://www.heidtech.com/melissa/wordpress/
You have to have a password and username. Give me your email address and I'll send it to you, since I don't know if she wants everyone else to know. I guess she had to change it once because some weirdos were commenting on her blog. My email is melindahansen@gmail.com

Missy said...

Oh yea! I hadn't been back to yours for a little bit, but I just got your comment on mine.

I took the password off and hopefully the crazies won't come back. We'll see. No one else has those problems!
So fun to keep in touch. Your little girl is adorable. Totally looks like you.

kellymccaleb said...

your blog was broken yesterday:( she is so cute! i can't get over it!