Wednesday, February 20

5 things about 3 girls

hey, look!  we are all in a picture together!  that never happens anymore.


1. velzy is fun.  she is always up for an adventure.  i wish she and i could just run off into the mountains and hike or go explore more often.
(i did say give me attitude for this pic...)
2. she loves her friends. a lot.
3. still has the best legs.
4. likes to do her own thing.  wants to play with her own friends, wants her own room, hates when people copy her... i get it.  it's fun to watch, until it's annoying.
5. she started jiu jitsu a few months ago, part of me thinks she likes to go to hang with friends (see #2) but her long gangly body is pretty good at it i think.
pretty sure she just thinks she is a big person these days.  she is fun to talk to and hear her views on life.  and she loves to talk, has to tell all about everything.

1. decided to ride her bike the other day after a year hiatus.  in typical ivy style she worked for an afternoon in front of grandma connie's house at riding till she had it figured out and has never looked back.  no help from me or anyone else was allowed.
2. loves to sing and have dance parties.  she gets the hugest smile on her face when you sing with her.
3. has me check the weather everyday when she gets up so she can plan her outfit accordingly.  getting dressed in the morning is still the most annoying thing...
4. Eats like an adult.  Any and everything. she is always stealing my food becuase it looks better than what she has on her plate.  and she can almost out eat me, which is saying
 a lot.
5. she joined velz in jiu jitsu last month.  the people that teach her say she is really good and love her smile while she is working.
her smile is priceless. her tears and cry are the worst.
she is also my lola whisperer, she has a way of talking to her that can get her to calm down when none of us can.  that and she is always ready with a pacifier and blanket.

1. let's be honest, she is the cutest human being alive.  she is sweet and funny and has the greatest little personality. she walks around with her hands in her pockets of her sweatshirts, is really into wearing a backpack, and sings along to taylor swift in the car with the big girls.
2. she is still obsessed with babies.  looooooves babies. a lot. loves pushing strollers, holding and bouncing them while "sushing."
3. has finally started talking more.  my favorite phrases: "i did it" "WOW, mom..." and when we pull in the driveway she says "yay! we home!"
the other day i stopped for a guy at cross in a cross walk, apparently he was slow cause she yelled out "GO GUY!" so funny!
4. she is a way better listener and helper than her sisters.  i can ask velzy or ivy to do something and they won't move but she will go do it.  she likes to help and clean up.
5. she is currently obsessed with riding her bike.  especially with her buddy river, they ride up and down the driveway everyday.
and she is still the cuddliest little girl.  she loves to push her face up close in mine and giggle.  since chirstmas she has been obsessed with santa and asks about him daily and freaks out every time she sees the camera because she wants to look at pictures of santa on it.

Thursday, November 1


at the parade at school.
lola was stoked to find her favorite people after the parade.  she loves the babies.

you may or may not know that i am not skilled with makeup.  at trunk or treat for church last week i tried to help velzy apply some black eyeshadow and made her cry cause it looked so junk. i have no skills in that department.  luckily mr moffat is more of an artist and got into the face painting last night and saved the day.  the girls looked great and he did an amazing job on his make up.  naturally.
we partied at our friends house and then went to laie to trick or treat.

The Little Butterfly.  (who loved wearing wings)

A Greek Goddess


A Spiders Thanksgiving Feast

And The Coppertone Baby
for comparisons sake.... not too bad right?

during the day while i was making a million cookies for class parties lola insisted that i wear this mask.  she made scary noises and it was the funniest thing to have her walk around wearing the mask.

party girl does tahitian

lola and i were sitting watching the girls tahitian and there happened to be an extra pareo laying around.  she brought it to me and insisted, in her baby grunt language, that i put it on.  then she said "dance" and party girl came out.
should i go?

getting there....

part of the gang.

party girl takes over tahitian:

sound cuts out at the end.  sorry.
the technical stuff.  the sound goes out again, it's a poor quality phone video, but i figured the grandmas will like it.

and honestly, she was following along better than some of the three year olds.  just sayin...

Tuesday, October 16

just a little hello

hi.  here are some pictures.

gagster- i started to look at maui pictures and there were so many i got overwhelmed and started looking at pictures on my phone... so here is some pictures of Horny.  And some of the girls too.
we got a jackson chameleon last weekend.  the girls are sooooo exited to finally have a pet.  Velzy is completely obsessed with him and wants to hold him all day long.  Ivy likes him and will hold him for a  minute but doesnt like when he climbs up her arm cause it hurts.  and Lola loves the "ge-go" (gecko) and will poke at him on occasion with a finger or two.
oh, and his name is horny. Girls came up with it on their own and are keeping it. Priceless.





Ivy started ballet today.  She was super excited about it, which I was surprised about but so happy for.  She has something to do that velzy is not into and it's a good thing.  Velzy sat and watched her and it was really cute. Niki and some friends are in the class so she is pumped about it all.

watching the class before hers


v&l watching

oh, and lola is the worlds cutest little human.  ever.

Sunday, September 16

my super super citizen

every month the elementary school has a super citizen assembly.  each class honors a students that have been super the previous month, it's a pretty big deal.  it's a big huge over the top laie elementary school production.  so, august is over and friday was the first assemble and ivy, yes IVY was chosen from her class.
thursday night we were collecting plumeria to make her a lei, and i asked her if she thought we had enough flowers and she replied "no, i have a really big neck."  She also did quality control on the flowers.  love her.
as i was leaving her room at bedtime ivy told me she was going to dream about how the super citizen assembly is going to go tomorrow.  she is so excited and nervous.
after i left i heard ivy and velzy talking about how the day will go with the super citizen assembly. i stood by their door and laughed as velzy was telling her  how you go to class and grab your chairs and bring them to the field. ivy had tons of questions. my favorite velzy reply was "well, i may be right.  but it was 2 years ago i was in kindergarden so i may be wrong but that is how we did it."  i love to hear them talk to each other.  it's reassuring to hear them be buddies.  sometimes i worry about them but tonight i just stood at the door and listened with a huge smile on my face.
anyways, here are the pictures.  

ivy's friend from happy school, shae was the other super citizen chosen from her class.

all the kindergarden super citizens

getting a lei from her big sister

she and i.

glad i got that last picture when i did.  one minute later she was hot and uncomfortable.  her leis were off and i couldn't get her to look at me for a picture for anything.  good thing i spent all the time and effort making all the leis.
good job ivy.

Sunday, August 19

for gaggy

did i say i would post pictures for you last monday?  sorry.  better a week late than never.
i these pictures are some of my new favorites.
of course party girl is not looking or cooperating and was actually going crazy but that is just cause she loves her gaggy.  it's hard not to.

first day of school pictures.  we were kinda running late on the first day of school so all i had time to do was snap a quick one or two pictures.  we are still having a hard time getting out the door in the mornings.
velzy and her fake smile, as the bell was ringing

ivy, in her chair in class.

her first cast was green.  that was only on for a week and now she has a blue one.  it comes off in a week and two days.  not that i am counting them down or anything.
today she found a popsicle stick in my bag at church and spent an hour scratching her arm.  she has been a real trooper though.  we have been to the beach a few times and she has not complained but i know she is dying to go swimming.  friday the girls had no school and it was so hot so we walked across the street to the beach for a bit.  this is how she cooled off:
we have been trying not to torture her too bad though.  last weekend we went to the pali lookout and hiked a little down the old pali road, it is so pretty there.

and lola and i have been enjoying our alone time.  aloha friday
i think she misses the girls but i also think she likes to have her time off from them.  i would if i were her!

last saturday morning in bed.  they are such cute monkeys.
and this is today. 7 girls. that's a lot.  betsy's little babies are a month old and are so tiny!  they are really cute.

aaaand, that is about it.