Friday, December 2

hi. remember me?

i am on a computer. 
a real computer.
it's been weeks.
here is a random idea- how about more phone pictures?
it may do some grandma's some good. 
total random moffat mayhem comin at ya...

if lola were to hang on a cross, it may look a lot like this
never ming the mashed potatoes, give me a giant scoop of cool whip
velz caught her first toad in kauai
lola has some growing to do-
nervous about the flight
we practice safe swinging
This looks safe, right?
velzy, in her element
one night around halloween lola got attacked by zombies
Poor lola
6:30 am coloring session
lola's first o'douls at our white trash thanksgiving party
late night flight home fron kauai

and i am spent
should have my computer back next week. 
until till then, aloha.


liko said...

the safe swinging technique looks a little gnarly.

that is awesome the whole family got to hop on over to kaua'i.

and white trash party -- one of the many reasons i love you, ash.

The Trotter Family said...

I love that we end on a dead cockroach. Gross! I remember those things. They grow extra big out there. Enjoy!

stephanie joy said...

It's official. Your girls are WAY more tough than MY BOYS! Holding a toad, drinking beer, swinging into water....yep, they're pretty much rad!