Friday, November 4

another installment of phone pictures

i need to take my camera in to be looked it, it's sorta funny these days, hence the ridiculous amount of phone pictures.  i am not going to lie, i almost like them just as much as nice crisp camera pictures.  i owe a halloween post for the grandma's but my computer is also acting sorta crazy so this is just a quick spewing out of pictures...

so happy. love both of their smiles.
it looks like they are being punished but really they are enjoying them selves reading.  and since one is only wearing a shirt and the other is only wearing shorts they add up to one dressed little person.
our back yard is having some work done.... new grass comes tomorrow!
i told velz to get some junk clothes on so she could come play in the mud and she came out in a tu-tu. my thoughts exactly.
sometimes i feel like my life could be one of those "circle what is wrong with this picture" pages.  they are always doing the funniest things.

i am obsessed with getting pictures of this sleeping baby right now.

and we have been getting lots of rain around these parts, the red dirt bleeds to the sea.

velz has her last soccer game tomorrow and kahuku is playing in the state championships as i type.  our neighboors- whose tv's are outside in their carports are keeping me updated on the game status with their drunken yelling "come on kahuku, there you go..."  "ohhhh!"  "CHE-HOOOOO!" i love it.


Smiths said...

I agree about the phone pictures. They have kind of a vintage, family heirloom type feel.
Go Big Red!

chanel said...

oh i miss you and these hilarious, beautiful, REAL posts!
love your family!!!
love all that you do.

Kaity said...

We are coming to see you guys!!! Nov 22-Dec 5. Let's go body surf chocolate Pounders...except I'm pregnant.

liko said...

i think phone pictures are the most spontaneous and i love capturing candid moments so much!
i love them all. and the tu-tu qualifying as junk clothes made me laugh out loud!!
i really miss you. lola is getting so big! and she's such a cutie!!
and i have been enjoying the rain, even the chocolate ocean that it creates!

The Trotter Family said...

I don't know how you keep up with your blog with three girls. I am running way behind on mine and I only have two! I love seeing what your day to day life is like. The girls are so cute and you are so real. Love it!