Sunday, July 17

lola @ 9 months

the little ball of sunshine turned 9 months in california.  that was almost 3 weeks ago.... oh well.
here is what was up in here life:
-she pulls up all over the place. but is not good at moving her feet/bending her legs. she usually pulls up on things that are not too sturdy and falls.  but to her credit she is pretty good at lowering herself down when she does pick something sturdy.
-she is a pat-a-cake champion
-as soon as i pick her up there is a hand in my hair.
-she did well on her first plane ride.  she loved watching people and making new friends, one lady held her for a good 45 minutes.  and when i say good, i mean it was really good for me, my arms were so tired from trying to contain her energy. it's a good thing she is cute and personable.
-she loves all animals.  her first "word" is "dog" or "da" as it sounds but she says it whenever she spies a furry friend.  she is really into the cat at gunstock ranch and "petting" it- pulling it's tail and grabbing fists full of fur.  we are working on being soft.
-when asked, she will give a lovely open mouth kiss.
-her first tooth finally came in- her top left.  go snaggletooth!
-she has the cutest little wave that she does.  i know this is nothing novel but i really like her little wave- it's like how they wave "come here" in spain.
-her favorite toys are small tubes of sunscreen or lotion, she loves them lots and takes them all over. and is if you happen to take one away from her, watch out.
-she dances to music- swaying back and forth.
-she has really been working on her tan lately and i love the white in her fat folds on her ankles.  such a cute little beach baby. and she really likes to sit and bend over so that she does face plant straight into the sand, often with her mouth open. she has sampled a wide variety of sands, seaweeds, and even a really large sand crab made it into her mouth. nasty.
-stats: 20 lb 3 oz and 27.5 inches long


Smiths said...

Precious. I can't wait to play with her soon. And the rest of you too.

The Trotter Family said...

9 months already? Seriously? How did that happen so fast? She is precious. Another beautiful girl to add to your collection!

chanel said...

Thanks for the update, now I can go "work with" Brynnly- she's massively lacking so many skillz!
my favorite was "go snaggletooth", you always crack me up.