Sunday, July 31

i am re-naming my blog "LOLA @"

because the only thing that i can be counted on to blog about is lola's monthly accomplishments... at least for another two months till she is 1.
so, the little lady turned 10 months on friday.  she survived her first "last week of summer" and only got a few small kine sunburns- impressive.  honestly, not much has changed since i last posted about her... she has these funny super high steps she takes when you hold her hands for her to walk, but she is really still not into the whole cruzing thing.  another tooth on the top and a bottom tooth broke through.  she thinks it's funny to bite my shoulder.  velzy and ivy think it's funny to have her bite their fingers.  we will see how long that lasts.  she can eat and eat and eat. but she did reject her first food- mashed potatoes.  her skin has been really great lately, she has only had one rash break out in a month!  she loves her blankets a lot.  when you give one to her she just laughs and hugs it.  there has to be one in her crib to sleep with- you put her in and she pounces on it and  falls asleep.  she loves playing with her tongue, discovering her teeth i think.  she can be a tad emotional at times, for the silliest reasons- like how whenever gena touches her she cries. she is an early riser.  that may or may not have something to do with all the fricken roosters right out side her window.  and she has started stying to stand on her own, she will let go of your leg or whatever she is pulled up on and balance for 2 seconds, and she is oh so proud of herself.

and now i am going to post wayyyy too many pictures of her in her highchair. cause i think they are really, really funny and her grandma's will appreciate it.

and yes, yes i do take too many pictures of her in her high chair, but i can't help it she is just so cute sitting there.

till next month.... hopefully not really though.

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daren said...

This grandma really appreciates it... that tooth is huge... she must be part Billings/Bury/Wilson!! Thanks for posting pictures of the little lady - we miss her and you all!!