Tuesday, April 5

best day

lets just say it: "ashley, you suck at blogging."  i know.  i wish i could say i will do better. maybe.
i started this post a while ago and since i have been too lazy to upload any pictures its only words.  i have not been taking many pictures, i think that is what my problem is.  i need to take more pictures.
last friday it was windy.  it had been real windy, for a real long time.  and when you live in the windward side of an island that is really windy it means you have salt crusted windows and a layer of salt on your car.  it means clouds get stuck on the mountains and it rains or it blocks out the sun.  and it means it's cold at the beach.  so we have not been beaching it too much.  but there is the bay down the road and it just so happens to get these really fun windswells when it's windier than windy.  the water is smelly and dark from the river that bleeds into it and it may have leptospirosis in it. however, when there are fun waves, there are fun waves and all that is forgotten. and you definitely don't drink the water.  lately, since having #3 i reckon, i don't get to surf as much as i would like to. it sucks to not get in the water all the time BUT it makes it that much better when you do.  i went a little crazy on that friday at that bay, on that maroon surfboard with the stripes, on those little waves that broke for a long time.  good friends watched the little ladies- who were happy as clams to play in the sand and water while i surfed- and i had soooooo much fun.  i found myself paddling as fast as i could, perma-grin attached to my face, catching wave.  after wave.  after wave.  a couple times falling off my board because i was laughing. ah. it was so good.  because sometimes- life is hard.  having kids is a challenge.  i get frustrated with little ears that don't listen.  i get annoyed with rashes on pretty little faces.  and sometimes i sweat the small stuff. BUT that afternoon was so much fun.

and just so i don't forget- cause it was so funny- velzy was so happy to play in the water that when we got there she ran out and jumped in, best part was that she was fully dressed.  sometimes the water is just too inviting.  and she also- on her own- took her boogie board out as far as she could touch and caught waves and stood up on her board.  made me heart happy.


mahina said...

good for you, ashley!! life is hard and kids are challenging, so it is awesome and necessary to take time for yourself... it's the only way to stay sane and laugh through it all!!

Sallyseashell said...

Way to recharge your mommy batteries!!! We all need to do that to come back refreshed for the little ones. As for me I prefer more destructive activities like smoking crack.

Missy said...

you are incredible ashley. way to go. this made me happy for you and felt like the world was a little smaller that I could relate so well.