Thursday, April 7

6 months

look who turned is six months old last week:





sorry for the million pictures, but they make me laugh so why not post em all.
the happenings:
sitting, like a champ.  babies have the best posture.
scooting back and around her blanket.
slobber, chew, slobber
sleeping through the night, well, for the most part till 4 or 5-ish.
such a trooper- she is always getting lugged around and woken up but she is such a happy kid and even if she is tired she has smiles for everyone.
ba ba ba- i love when she "talks"
gives kisses to velz and ivy, big open mouth kisses
pinches, a lot and hard and it hurts
wakes up in the morning and hangs out all happy in her crib- screeching, yelling, making happy noises rolling around her crib.  it's the best way to start a day.
likes to swim and play in the water- beach, pools at turtle bay, don't matter, she is happy in water.
had her first sandy diaper.  handfuls of sand on saturday = sandy poop on sunday.
loves to grab hair
laughs when she eats
her legs are always kicking when you hold her, especially when she gets really excited she kicks super fast.
weight: 17 lbs 2 oz
height: 26 inches

i can't believe it's been 6 months already.  that seems like such a long time, but then again for as quick as it has gone it seems like she has been around forever.  we love out little lady.


nancy said...

ash, LOVE these pics. i agree, why not post them all...he faces are SO cute!! love her. reading this post i laughed because my 8 month update for van started out the exact same way: sits like a champ. ha.

Smiths said...

Don't ever apologize for too many pictures- there's no such thing! She's amazing. Congrats on surviving 6 months with three. You rock!

Kristen said...

oh! she is a cute little ball of chubs!! l love it! And thanks Ash for the donation... it means a lot! thank you!!

stephanie joy said...

Lola you are fat and I love you. Come over and let me pinch you. THANKS!

Megan and Keli'i said...

Wait, she couldn't be any cuter.

AJ said...

she is too presh. hahahaha

Matti said...

6 months really????? Noooooooo... She looks so old in these photos. I swear she was just born 3 months ago!