Sunday, March 13

super citizen

is a big deal.

super citizen is an award given to a student or two from every class, each month. they have a big assembly, that the whole school is there for, and it's sort of a party.  velzy was chosen last month because she was "the best she could be in all things" or something like that.  she was pretty stoked.
(fuzzy picture but i like it too much not to post it)
although at times she can drive me crazy, velzy is a sweetheart.  she is a great student, has very nice hand writing (especially for a lefty), and loves school and her teachers.  yesterday she really wanted to push the stroller and i asked why, to which she responded "i just really want to help you.  you do so much for me all the time i want to help you."  oh.  ok.    she talks like a big person lately, using words that are descriptive and often says things better than i would. the girl is fast. we have been having races- she is pretty quick and really good at getting in your way so you have to slow down.  i am sure the day is not too far off when she really can beat me.  just like i am sure she will be taller than me next year.  she loves to catch bugs and be outside with her friends.  she can be a tad emotional and has a new little attitude that comes with eye rolls.  not awesome.  but we are working on that.
i love my little super citizen!


chanel said...

ummm, i wanna be super citizen- thats some crazy great loot!
she sounds amazing....maybe minus the eye rolling, but let me tell ya, they replace it with something else, my 7 yr old has got at-ti-TUDE! yay girls!
nice job all round, she's super cool like her mama!

Erika said...

Way to go Velzy!!! Nice lei. Did she get all sugared up after the "party"? I think she could teach a thing or two to Ella about helping her mom because she does so much for her. What a sweet girl you've got!

nancy said...

its still so weird that you have a kid in school... and of course your kid is gonna be a "super citizen"! yeah velz! i think those kind of things are create motivation....good luck with those eye rolls!! love your girls..

Kaity said...

Super Citizen!!! Good job Velzy. I love that she wanted to help you by pushing the stroller. I wish Gio was a girl, maybe he'd be more like that. He is sweet, but it's different.

stephanie joy said...

I'm in love with the candy headband and impressed with big girl Velzy who I still think of as the little little that we first started playing with way back when beach days first started. Way to go super gal!

Da Denninghoff's said...

i think velzy and eve would get along real well. It seems as if God sends the passionate ones first. They tend to be more motherly and very helpful:)

AJ said...

I love her sexy eyes in the bottom photo. Yeah Velzy!

Sorry to hear about Lola. Hopefully everything gets taken care of. Sad for you and her.

j,d and little b said...

yay! Congrats Velzy! That is AWESOME!

liko said...

oh yeah!!! way to go velz!! i totally remember being a super citizen, you had to bring a white shirt to school so they could print it with the smiling sun that said super citizen underneath and then your mom had to make a poster with pictures of you to put up in the caf...awesome times!!