Tuesday, January 4

three months

how can you not love this little bucket of chubs?
the girl is so fun- as fun as a squishy three month old can be.  as hard as it is to have such a little one who depends on you so much, she is a jem.  everyday she gets a little stronger and the bobble head is being phased out.  she has got the best laugh ever, these little giggles erupted from her the other day and they are my favorite thing in the world.  i have been trying to get video of them but every time she gets to laughing and i get out a device to record her she stops and stairs at it.
she got her three month shots today and only let out a little cry for a second on the second shot.
she and i have been passing thrush back and forth for a good two months now.  not awesome.  it was super painful and so frustrating.  but she loves when she gets her medicine and i rub it all around her mouth and always laughs. wish i could laugh when she would start eating and it feels like razors cutting me from the insides... but we are getting better.  i declared an all out war on it last week and we have greatly improved.  luckily.  it was completely driving me crazy- when my body is not at homeostasis (think biodome) i tend to freak out.
anyways, back to lola.  she is great.  she is getting better in her car seat and if given a pacifier she will hang there at the beach for a little while.  she likes to be held at the hip, facing out to see what is going on around her.  her fists are always in her mouth, and she likes to suck on her blankets too.  the slobber is in abundance as well as new noises.  she likes to try and hold conversations, especially when she is getting her diapers changed, she loves being changed it's quite odd.  oh and taking baths too, but who doesn't love splashing around in warm water?

(for those who asked, my brother took these pics.
i feel like she has changed a bunch since we took these,
but they are too cute not to post!) 


Smiths said...


Denae said...

Look at that chunck. Brrrrrrrr (that's me motorboating her). And you have some nice big guns from carrying all that.

stephanie joy said...

ughh I had thrush too when Asher was 11 months but I was too stupid to know what it was and let it go on so long that it was past the point of no return. Lame. Lola is so precious I want to do awkward things like pinch her cheeks... all of them. haha!

Erika said...

So stinkin cute! I love her little rolls. Bummer about the thrush. Hopefully you beat it once and for all soon. And how jealous am I that she takes paci's. I'm trying daily with Claire with zero luck...she's not really like her sisters in this area. I even try to get her to suck on her thumb with no luck. Instead she prefers sucking on mom.

liko said...

love the rolls!!! she is so plump and cute!!

mahina said...

she is such a chunk! i love it! you feedin' her pure cream or what??!!!