Saturday, January 1

happy new year!

luke & lola
you don't get much better than these two.

we enjoyed a lovely day at the beach to start our new year off right.

and last night was nothing short of crazy.
we went to grandma and grandpa's to ring in the new year.  laie on new years makes the 4th of july look like nothing.  velzy said it was the best night of her life if that gives you any indication of how many fireworks there were.  people blow up the equivalent of their children's college tuitions, a new car, a years rent... just to have the bragging rights that they had "the best aerials" and when i say aerials i am talking full on legit fireworks blowing up only 100 feet over head in all directions.  and this goes on all evening and way past midnight.  as we walked around at 12:30 there was a thick smoke fog covering the town and plenty of pops and bangs still ringing in the new year.

and what will 2011 bring?
2010 brought with it some pretty big changes- 
a new house, v starting school, baby lola...
and i am excited to see what this year has in store. 
hopefully i will have stuck with a few of my many many many resolutions.


liko said...

happy new year!!! love the family pics!! who took em?

stephanie joy said...

yeah i was wondering who took them too! glad i got to see you for a bit to ring in the crazy a neighbor new year!

Smiths said...

Happy new year! Here's to a good one. Gald you guys had fun.

Da Denninghoff's said...

love the family picture! I miss new years celebrations like those:)

Aubrey Jane said...

New year's eve has been the worst day of Robert's life since we moved to Utah. Talk about a boring night! We are glad you had fun and enjoyed all the aerials! Happy 2011!

heidi said...

i miss another 4th of July on New Years in Laie--the smoke is unreal :)
love it.