Monday, January 17


i don't hate anything more than i hate mosquitos.  i hate hate hate them.
is there really a reason for having them on this planet?
i killed one while i was teaching my primary class at church yesterday.  after i killed him a little boy said "you just killed a nice creature God made!"  i had to tell him that it was not a nice creature and although i know that God doesn't make mistakes i think he may have messed up just a little when he made the mosquito.
not only do they make my skin crawl, and wake me in the middle of the night doing fly bye's around my face making me swat all around in the darkness at 2 am (i have slept a few nights completely hidden under a sheet), but they also prey upon my children.  on new years lola got 16 bites on her head- and she was only out for a few minutes and covered with a blanket.  last weekend we were at a friends birthday outside and ivy got 16 bites on her face- funny that it was 16 both times.  and every time we are out after dusk they attack us all.
and i really hate that their bites itch like crazy and the huge welts that ivy gets.  and even more i hate how velz and ivy wake up in the night or way too early in the morning cause they are itching.  and then i have to wake up and help them or they yell and wake each other up. or they are awake to early and then are tired and emotional allll day.
seriously, why were they made?
ok, that is all.


Smiths said...

Do you remember "lilo and stitch"? Apparently our planet is being preserved because it's a masquito santuary. Made me laugh. I need to do some research on what to eat to make our blood less delicious.

Da Denninghoff's said...

oooooooh yah I don't like them either. I'm not looking forward to roaches. Uggh

Megan and Keli'i said...

Eww, I hate mosquitos too. But we don't get bites as bad as your little girls. You gals must be super sweet :), whereas, you know us, we're stinky and sour.

Beach day, today. I'll text you to let you know where we're going!

stephanie joy said...

YES. to all of this. i hate them and snakes. get 'em outta here!

Autumn said...

Hate them too! Love all the new photos of the girls, they are all getting so big and are so cute! When are we seeing each other again :)

Sallyseashell said...

Shoot. I forgot about mosquiters. Isn't it garlic your supposed to eat a lot of?

liko said...

i really hate them, too. and i think they were made to test our patience?
i am glad the ones here don't carry dengue or malaria, though!!