Sunday, September 12

the soccer

the team- "pikake" (peacocks) 

a velzy action series- turing the ball around

stealing it back from a player on your own team

taking off

and then it was kicked out at the other end of the field.  

team "pep" talk

the defense

the snacks 

velzy's second game was yesterday.  it was pretty funny.  we got schooled- didn't score a goal.  and i am not sure if i should be a soccer coach.  or maybe i should wait to be a coach till the team is older than 4/5 year olds who have their heads in the clouds.  don't get me wrong, it's fun to coach, but funnily frustrating.  the important thing is the girls are having fun, and i think they are.  so i guess it's a success so far- even if we lose 5-0 again next saturday.


katie said...

so great. I'm not sure whats cuter... them or you as the pregnant coach!

stephanie joy said...

that's pretty dang cute! i'm impressed win or no win pregnant coach! ha- i just notice that the person before said the same thing. must be true.

claire said...

Great set of action photos! Looks like she had fun : )

Damaris said...

i saw some kids practicing soccer a couple days ago in the park here in brazil they were little and there was blood. crazy country this brazil!

Da Denninghoff's said...

So fun! I can't wait till my girls play sports! I'm sure I'll be crazy and their number one fan. Way to go prego coach that's about to pop! How long is there season?

Matti said...

I bet you are as awesome of a coach as you are cute! How fun...I am seriously jealous.

The Trotter Family said...

It is so funny to see you so pregnant, but only in your stomach and coaching to top it all off! Looks like fun. Our season starts soon and I hope that it is fun or at the very least there are good snacks!

liko said...

um, i didn't know you were coach.
and kahuku park. sigh. my old stomping ground. and brings me back to when i played soccer there. soccer saturdays.
i was destined to fail because i was afraid of the ball. yep.
i think the snacks were the best part.

Rhitzclan said...

Haha- I see your competitive side coming out :) Looks like they're having a blast regardless!

Aubrey Jane said...

Robert is coaching Noah's team this fall and I think he feels the same way you do about it. Oh, and the snacks are the best part for sure!

stephanie joy said...

hey- i read your house post on my phone and so i didn't comment and then something reminded me of it today and i was gonna come say that i thought of you as i was getting ready to make some melona shakes and then GONE- did i imagine it? haha- i have had some pretty crazy dreams lately. anyway friend- love the new house and colors are nice even if they dont make me hungry for anything! :)

The Bradys said...

hahaha dont feel bad- luke is coaching wyatts team and wants to pull his hair out. he was trying to tell them the other day to take a knee- I had to remind him that this wasnt jacksons football team. ahhhh the joys of 4/5 year olds! and ps- how cute is their pregger coach!! :)