Thursday, July 22

yesterday was rough, today was smooth

i am a tad on the sick/frustrated side. yesterday, i & v were a tad on the annoying/not listening/needy side.

today i was determined to have a good day. so we did what makes us all happy- went to the beach. v-land. this is embarrassing, but it was velzy's first time at velzyland. she is 4. anytime i have been there for the last few years it's just me going for a surf and i don't take her along. sorry kid. but today we went to "her beach" and we laughed and played in the water and washed yesterday off.

it was a good day.

and you know where we will be tomorrow too. maybe twice.


Matti said...

Sorry you weren't feeling time just send them over to my side!! That's what neighbors and friends are for my friendly neighbor! ;-) I hope you are feeling better.

Megan and Keli'i said...

Oh boy, I had a few bad days this week, and the solution to all my problems as a mom is to get out and go to the beach.

I think it's funny that Velzy went to her beach yesterday for the first time. It's like it was a day of remembrance.

I love all the photos too.

And I love the photos Mark took. You are seriously bitchin'.

karebear said...

Did Velzey like her beach? Too bad there were no waves...I need to get out and attempt to surf again.

liko said...

that should be a beach friday beach destination. when the crowds are minimal and there's parking, of course.

Missy said...

the outdoors is always the solution! beach is the best choice of all too. love that last photo so much.