Sunday, July 25

ward camp 2010

last friday- as i a week ago- we "set up camp" at kakela with the rest of our peeps from church and camped till tuesday. this is our set up- i stole this from someone's facebook- not sure who. one of the best things about church in hawaii is ward camp, i don't know many mainland wards who go camp together for a week on the beach, although i recommend it. it's pretty much every little kids dream- it was a free for all- tons of junk food, lots of running free with bunches of friends, staying up wayyyy to late, dancing and entertainment, and sleeping in a tent. does it get better than that for a little kid? we adults had some fun too- staying up even later, talking with friends, playing games, not worrying about our kids (too much), good entertainment and so much food. it's safe to say a good time was had by all who came.

somehow velzy always found the candy. and trying her hand at some tahitian hips shaking. so cute.

can you see how stoked ivy was our the tent? and my thumbnail may have found it's way into her eye during a crazy dance party on the first night. opps.

i was a little concerned that they would not sleep through the nights but with going to be so late and playing so hard during the day, they both would fall asleep within seconds of their heads hitting their pillows. luke was in california for the first few nights so the three of us slept on our air mattress in the tent. it was super comfortable- even with two snugly munchkins tossing and turing all over the place. can't wait for next year!


liko said...

ward camp is the bomb!!!
love the t-shirts!

Rhitzclan said...

Looks like fun =) Our ward just announced a camp out for next month. It's one night- I had to laugh.

The Peterson Family said...

Since when do you live in the Hauula First ward? That's our ward! Only we've never we're not inactive, just went to our BYU ward since we were only living in Hauula for 6 weeks, 3 of which we were on the mainland. But if I had known you were in the ward....:) Camp is always fun. Though I think Hawaii is the only place where people set up house under an easy corner when camping!

Erika said...

How fun! I was telling Jon about how much I missed ward campouts (which were only 1 night) and wondered why our ward never does anything like that. I guess I'll just have to come and join one in Hawaii...on the beach. Sounds like fun!

The Trotter Family said...

Ouch! That looks like it hurt. I bet she is a tough chick though. Fun stuff. So are you guys living in Hauula or are you in Laie?

Sallyseashell said...

I remember ward camp at kekela bch! Members used to bring their couches, tv's and nintendos and we'd party all week, plus catch crabs on the beach. So fun! Looks like you all had a blast.