Monday, May 17

a tad too many new pics...


got bored at looking at the pig party, thought i would put up some new pics. i always like when people blog just a picture or two at a time and thought i would try it. turns out i can't. i like lots of pictures, and the folks across the ocean are happy when they get lots of pics to look at too.
last week my good buddy nanc and her husband mike came to play- our first house guests!- we visited the boyodo-in temple at valley of the temples. its so cool there.

can't really see the buddah...but he is cool. and so are suckers.
velz and ivy were in model mode for a few minutes and it was pretty entertaining.

(for some reason when i upload pictures to flickr i feel like they get a few shades darker than they are when they are saved on my computer, so sorry these look over-edited)

we had a ton of fun with nanc and mike- no other pictures- but that is just cause we were having soo much fun. or it was raining. either one.


McLove said...

Your girls are gorgeous!

echo said...

i love the model pictures.
what cute little ladies you have,

Rhitzclan said...

We haven't been there yet- but it looks fascinating!

Katie said...

Ashley, your girls are so cute! I wish I still lived in Hawaii. We move from Puerto Rico back to the States at the end of August. Yet another adventure!