Wednesday, May 12

ivy's pig party

velzy and ivy are little party planners. for the last few months they have been talking about having a pig party for ivy. like most party planners they like to dream up extravagant parties, and then the person footing the bill or having to make it happen smashes their hopes and dreams (that would be me). ivy's birthday was april 14th and we just so happened to move in to our house that week and sine my brain does not function like it used to (proof), a party got put off a few weeks. i don't think ivy really thought she was three until she had a birthday. when you are three a birthday is a big deal, when you are a mom a birthday party can sometimes be a nuisance. so, i really didn't do much for this party, we had a little dessert PIG OUT and we had the party basics covered- a pinata and cupcakes- so lil miss ivy was a happy little piggy.

the day of the party velzy decorated 50 cupcakes on her own. i frosted and she decorated- she did a super job.

ivy's pig party

at the party we played pin the tail on the pig. when it was ivy's turn she put the tail somewhere above the pig. after she took it off and placed it on the pigs bum where it should go. that is how she rolls.

ivy's pig party

then ivy told me that she wanted to have cupcakes and open presents, so we sang happy birthday- she was so happy- and she blew out her candles.

ivy's pig party

she got so many rad presents too- we have so many fun and creative friends which means you get super cool one of a kind presents. thanks everyone!
after presents she informed me it was time for the pinata. oh the pinata. i made it. my friend jonna made a super cool one a few months ago and i tried to make one myself. but, i waited too long and it wasn't super dried, and it was pliable and when hit with a bat it dented in but would not bust open. once again, ivy liked it so it was alright. she cam outside when i was painting it and said "mom, you made a really cool pig pinata!" so although it was a dud as an actual pinata, the birthday girl was happy. luckily the rope ripped out after a few kids hit it, it fell on the ground and i ripped it open.

ivy's pig partyivy's pig party

ivy's pig party

for some reason ivy was not happy and cried. she didn't want any of the candy and just cried. it was pretty funny. she found meg with a bag of suckers and was happy to fill her bag with those instead.

ivy's pig party
after that we sent hour sugar high friends home and called it a night. i would say it was a success for the little party planners. can't wait to see what they come up with for velzy's birthday.


Megan and Keli'i said...

It was a dang cute pig party. Eva ate like four cupcakes...she took the pigging out pretty darn literally:).

Glad we're neighbors now!

Erika said...

Cute party! Velzy did such a good job at decorating the cupcakes..VERY impressive for a 4 yr old.

Rhitzclan said...

It was a total HIT! What kid doesn't LOVE to whack at a pinata during a party!?! =)

lauren said...

sad we missed it... give her a smoochie from her auntie and one from her little loverboy to.. he has been missing her latley and talking about her.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the pictures... wish we could have been there for the little three-year-old piggy! I am glad to see that Velzy can take care of decorating the cupcakes in my absence! Love to you all! Grams

The Trotter Family said...

Cute party girls! You will have to explain the pig thing to me though. Does she read pig books or watch a pig movie?

Shannon said...

ha ha that is so rad. what little girl doesn't love pigs? Is she totally into pigs? Oh man, I am really bummed we didn't get to get together, I miss them!

chanel said...

sooooo awesome. love the themes that kids come up with! those cupcakes rock!