Thursday, April 22

happy earth day!

"we need to take care of our earth and pick up trash. like, litter bugs leave their trash all over and we need to pick it up so the earth can be clean and happy" (this is what velzy said after i told her today was earth day)

love your mother!

a few fun earth day activities we may (or may not) get around to doing...
*egg shell planter (here)
*tin can herb pots (here)
*tons of fun ideas at amazing moms- i like the idea of going for a walk and spreading seeds


Iggy Bloggit said...

aw. you and your family are adorable as always. i celebrated by planting some things... and driving my car for the first time in two weeks hahaha oops. sunday the roots are playing a free earth day show on the national mall... i'll be sure to ride my bike to that one. do you ever miss this place?

Damaris said...

this picture is amazing.