Friday, April 23

chocolate covered moffats

on easter grandma kitty had made chocolate covered strawberries, since that time velzy has been really pumped on making some of her own. tonight was the night. nothin' fancy, just melted some chocolate chips and we were in business.
they were good:
but this was better:

and ivy asked me to take a picture of their dogpile tonight. love these guys.
a lot.


Shanae said...

so cute and YUMMY! I introduced Kali to nutella and strawberries, a new craving of mine and now Kali asks for it daily, I have created a nutella and strawberry monster :) it is delicious though!

liko said...

yummy!! and fun! yeah, um i busted some nutella out yesterday and the kids request to eat it all the time. great!!!

Melissa said...

haha! the chocolate facial hair is awesome!

a mermaid said...

yum. chocolate facial hair. delish. haha! still so excited for you and your awesome new house! seriously, are we done freaking out about how cool it is yet? cuz im not!!! SO COOL!

chanel said...

very fun AND YUMMY! love the unibrow! ha! you guys are so funny.