Wednesday, March 3


up- 104.3
down- 101.4
up- 105.4
down- 99.9
up- 104.6
down- 103.6

will someone please take me off this roller-coaster? it's been a long day, looks like it's gonna be another long night.

sick kids are no fun.
no fun at all.
although, sharing popsicles at midnight is sort of fun.
but i would rather have a healthy happy ivy than a midnight snack any day/night.

and why am i not in bed now that she is? good question. i had to turn off my computer, which turned into check email, which lead to check blog, which makes me realize i am pathetic and i am going to be now.

*we did go to the dr yesterday afternoon, after the 105 temp i sort of totally freaked out. we got in a cold bath together and when we got to the dr she was at 99, naturally. but she is getting an ear infection and it looked like she had strep, but the test came back negative. so there is something going on in her throat, it's all swollen and nasty doc says. she has medicine and should hopefully be getting better soon. although this morning she is still at 102.7 and is a bossy little sick girl. poor thing.


Jennelle said...

Sad... Maybe your thermometer is broken? Ya, probably not. I sure hope she start feeling better soon! And hope you get some rest... Don't you have a kick boxing thing tonight? Your like wonder woman!

Megan and Keli'i said...

Poor Ash, let me know if I can take Velzy for a while and let you sleep!

And Poor Ivy girl. Those fevers are freakishly high.

a mermaid said...

uggh that's the worst! fevers always make me freak out too- anything over 103, by the way, is cause for dr. help if you are feeling the need for some back-up. my nephews get seizures when their fevers get that high so i always treat them like life or death! but taking her to the doc cant hurt. let me watch velzy if you do. poor ivy girl and poor ivy's mama!

liko said...

poor ivy. and mommy. hope the meds kick in soon and she's her normal, healthy self again!!!

Melissa said...

oh poor thing! We can take Velzy again today- it was fun!

Also let me know if you need anything else.

Is she feeling any better this morning?

echo said...

poor thing.
get better soon ivy

The Bradys said...

yuk! sick kids are no fun. and yes 105 temp- I woulda freaked out. Hope she feels better soon so shes not a bussy gus anymore! lol

missy said...

oh dear...poor ivy. especially after that beautiful post below where she sounds like a total peach. hate thinking of her so sick.

ave had a fever of 104 and I freaked. fevers are supposedly good b/c it means your body is fighting it, but when it gets high, it's frightening!

glad she has some medicine now. phew.

Damaris said...

I hope she feels better really really soon. being sick is awful

Da Denninghoff's said...

get better soon. Love yah guys:)

Kirk + Chelsea said...

Being sick is the pits:( So sorry! And I have to agree with your one friend about being weary when temperatures jump up and down- my girlfriends' little boy had a seizure because his temperature kept jumping up and down.. Pretty common and scary I guess!