Monday, March 1

ivy right now

ivy in the grass

ivy gets these random high temperatures. last night i snuck into the house around midnight (celebrated echo's birthday, and got to girl talking...) and ivy came out of her room to greet me with a 103 temp. out of the blue. for no apparent reason. she is not "sick" but is fighting something. she flip flops between sneaking out of the house to jump on the trampoline and laying on the couch sucking her thumb snuggling her blankie saying she does not feel good. poor girl. last night as i lay next to her on her futon with her i could not help but smile to myself thinking what a funny kid ivy it turning out to be.

she has some great dance moves, and loves to bust them out at the most random times, like in the middle of the grocery store.

"i have a mustache"

she just wants to be big. thats all. just big, like all the other kids.

sometimes i forget that she is still 2 though. she can act like a 5 year old at times.

she loves "bling" (she has some big rings that she has gotten from a few birthday parties and she wears everyday) and purses filled with random treasures. for a few days, until she lost her new one, she carried a book of mormon everywhere with her and would sit on the couch next to me and read. it was so cute.

playdough hair

she likes to be with the crowd, but is happy doing her own thing too.

i am sure i must have mentioned her baby obsession here before? the girl loves babies. and is pretty good with them too.

ivy & merrick

she expresses herself very well. unless she doesn't feel like it.

a few weeks ago she skinned her knee pretty good. everyday since it has been better she re-discovers that her "ouchie is all better!" and has to tell me at least once a day. i keep pretending to be really excited about it.

if given the chance, i think she would still be fine with being worn in a baby backpack or bjorn for long periods of time. she loves to be close. until she needs to run and do her own thing.

whenever left alone for more that 2 minutes, you can guarantee there is going to be some type of mischief gotten into. and you are going to have to clean something up. for sure.

another ivy art project

she is beautiful. her eyes. her skin. the way she lights up when she gets excited. she is perfectly beautiful.

clothes. she has "favorites" and will wear a particular outfit that she loves for days in a row, or until i have to hide it. in every picture here she is wearing one of her favorites. she is also very aware of others clothes and likes to compliment me (and others) on things, especially if they are new and asks where they came from. sometimes i don't am not sure where she came from.


she likes her polka dot bathing suit best. when i try to put little bikinis on her she says "no, they fall off i want my other one." it's quite well worn as you can imagine.


the girl loves to go "far out" in the water and play in the waves and gets really demanding when i am not ready to play with her in the water.

today she fell asleep on me. she was like my own personal space heater. i liked it. had to get a quick picture before velz came in and woke her up.
me and my sickie

and i love her. yep, that pretty much sums it up. heres to a temperature free tomorrow!


Erika said...

Such a cute sweet! Gives me a better idea of who Ivy is...adorable.

Megan and Keli'i said...

Holy cute.

a mermaid said...

i love this and boy she will love it too when she gets to read just how awesome she was as a two year old and just how much her mother adored her! so much love. :)

Cami said...

your kids are the best. i can't wait to babysit! seriously.

chanel said...


heidi said...

what a keeper. she can come over and play anytime :) i love how different yet similar every kid can be (in each family)

Damaris said...

beautiful post. being a mom rocks huh?

Melissa said...

so cute! she is a fun girl!

liko said...

she is so very cute!! love the bling on her fingers in that last pic. get better soon, ivy!!!

The Bradys said...

shes so stinkin cute... I have a feeling her and Wyatt would be BFFs/husband and wife. However, with both of them the way they are, there would probably be a 10 oclock news story about one of them drowning their spouse. lol