Saturday, February 27


4 am phone conversation this morning:
"hey, you guys are not up?"
"umm, no."
"there was a 9 point earthquake in chile and we are going to get a tsunami"
"what?" all of the sudden i am awake.

so, we have been up since 4, packed a few bags of clothing for a few days and are waiting things out. call me crazy, but we are bored- hence wasting time on the computer. at around 11:30 there is supposed to be a 3-6 foot tsunami hitting. HIT ALREADY! i am sort of stoked to see what happens. it's crazy the mayhem that erupts when people are not in control of everything. we have no control. the motto they keep saying on the news "plan for the worst, hope for the best!"

so, we will be walking up the hill behind the temple- higher ground if you will- to hang out for the afternoon.

so far the best thing i have seen/read was from katie on face book "tsunamis tsuck" it's true. it is a beautiful saturday and all we want to do is go play at the beach.

i will post this afternoon, hopefully with good news!


chanel said...

dude i just saw on our news and came to check in on ya!!! glad you're ok and hoping you have a SAFE day!!! literal protection from the temple, how cool is that?!?!
love your adventurous attitude!!!

liko said...


Jennelle said...

At least it wasn't raining on you while you waited it out atop higher ground. THAT would have tsucked.

Erika said...

Well happy you guys survived and nothing happened. Crazy though to wake up to news like that. Sorry you missed out on a perfect beach morning.

Lori said...

You are so right...we are not in control. THE HOPE is the best.... :)