Friday, February 19

my to-do list

for months i have been talking about getting a to-do list tattoo. i never remember everything i am supposed to do. and i am easily sidetracked by things that are more fun that what is on my to-do list. so i was thinking if i had it tattooed to my arm i might be a bit more inclined to get what i need to do done. also, people could help hold me accountable, they could look at my arm and ask if i had finished everything i was supposed to that day. it could be a real motivator.
today, while it was cold and early and we were watching lady and the tramp while snuggling under blankets i got so bored i started drawing in myself and came up with a possible to-do list tattoo:
the to-do list


do you know how hard it it to take a picture of your right arm with your left hand, holding a heavy camera?

apparently someone has already beat me to the mass production of the to-do tattoo:
see, i told you it was a good idea.

*and yes i am left handed. and proud. even if my mom makes fun of me for doing everything backwards.


karebear said...

definitely what i need to start doing! but my list would be a "remember to bring" list cuz i always forget to bring stuff when i go places...great idea!

heidi said...

i like it!! it would have to be on my other arm though for it to work for me---you must be a lefty!

Megan and Keli'i said...

hahahaha! That is awesome!

Melissa said...

are you right or left handed? because im thinking as a right handed woman myself, it would be impossible for me to draw anything on my right hand, with my left hand, let alone a cool tattoo like that!

.Ang. said...

I say you should just go for it.. Make it permanent :)

I need one of those.. I've lost too many to-do list's lately!

a mermaid said...

awesome idea!

Da Denninghoff's said...

Try using a pen first Ashley! It's just as effective and not permanent. If that doesn't work try an electronical device to remind you.Most people who get a tatoo regret it later. Don't permanently mark your beautiful body sis:)

liko said...

love it!!

Smiths said...

yours is way cuter, and who doesn't want to show off their forearm? Maybe Sarah Palin had the to do list tatoo on her hand. hmmm.