Monday, February 15

the club

the waikiki gun club to be exact.

friday night. date night. me and the mister.
in the beginning.
deep concentration here.
it payed off, luke is cool and consistent. cool hand luke.
do you understand how hard it was for me to try and keep a straight face? hardest thing ever.
i do look pretty bad-a though- right? that is what i was going for.
i really wanted to get some pictures of the flames spewing from the gun when luke was shooting, but i didn't think to put the camera on rapid fire till our shots with the flame spewers were over. amateur photographers always mess things up.
got some good ones of zac though. so cool.
(zac is luke's brother, we went shooting for his birthday)

in the end.
let's not talk about who was the most inconsistent. it was hard shooting with a gun that was attached to metal poles and being in the shooting range was strange. but those are excuses, actually i just am not that good of a shot.
but it sure was a good time.


Matti said...

jealous...looks like lots of fun. I wanna hear more about it.

a mermaid said...



you do look pretty bad-a in that photo. and when did your hair get so long and blonde-ish? and since when is it ok for me to comment about hair in a post about guns. awesome.

liko said...

don't be lettin' me piss you off!!!

you do look hardcore in that pose.


Autumn said...

I have 2 hand guns & 3 rifles, want them :)
My dad use to take me shooting all the time!

Erika said...

My dad is really into guns but I've always been too chicken to shoot one. You, on the other hand, look right at home holding a gun.

Smiths said...

That sure beats the time I shot at tin cans at scrambling hills. Happy Birthday boys!

Da Denninghoff's said...

I don't think I'm that gutsy! Sounds like you guy's had fun:)

.Ang. said...

That looks like so much fun! Mike has wanted to take me to a shooting range/gun club for YEARS now.

you are the coolest!!

Molly Malia said...

besides me... kasey says that that photo of you is the hottest thing he has seen in a long time... wait a min!??

i agree;)

see you in 6 days!!