Monday, January 4

just another manic monday

mondays are laundry days. as i sat folding three loads of laundry after everyone went to bed i though about my mom, who always does laundry on mondays. she also ate 4, yes, F-O-U-R in-n-out hamburgers this evening- she once claimed she could do it and my siblings don't let things like that just go, they held her to it. gosh, i wish i could have been there, i bet it was hysterical.
anyways, i thought of how i have not taken many pictures at all since we have been here but how she would like to see some pictures of the girls. so, since i don't feel like going to bed just yet, here you are mom. and don't worry, i won't stop blogging like our beloved "crazy mom"

i have only taken 4 pictures at the beach. the weather here has been amazing. the other day we went to alligator pond and velzy had fun with a little friend we found:
funny faces
all tuckered out and sleeping on the couches after a morning at the beach

new years. we have some little girls that really like fireworks. ivy is of course wearing her "black shirt" and was so happy to put on her running shoes and run around.
velzy was super into the sparklers.
and that is really all i have for you. i promise to be a better blogger soon. that is, if i can find my computers power cord. i seemed to have misplaced it, like i have done to everything else in this house. hope i find it soon.


Erika said...

I want the warmth of the beach. I'm SICK of being so dang cold. I'm sure your mom will love the photos...just as I do. Good luck finding that cord.

a mermaid said...

Tuesdays are my laundry days. Ugh. Cutie little girls you got there.

Greg and Diana said...

Seriously...your mom ate 4 In-N-Out burgers??? Where did she put them?? Now I know how to start the conversation the next time I see her "Hey, I heard you scarfed 4 burgers back in January..."

Your little girls are adorable, and fearless it looks like...awesome!!

liko said...

laundry days - i don't mind washing, it's the folding i always put off. but when i actually do fold them, it's not that just LOOKS overwhelming.

is that a slug??

Smiths said...

so... you fold the laundry the same day you wash them? ha ha. I'm so lazy. It's laundry dayS around our house.

Denae said...

There is nothing like New Years in Hawaii... well maybe New Years anywhere other than the US, or so I hear. We are working on getting out there soon... be patient with us!