Tuesday, January 5

board for sale and a smoothie party

for sale

parting with one of our babies. actually, it's lukes baby, she's too big for me and apparently he likes my single fin more than this one so we are letting her go. let me know if your interested- this board would have been really fun at boilers or middles today. maybe your husband needs a new years present? visit it's craigslist listing here.

we had a lil smoothie party this afternoon on the front steps. can you imagine, if i had a kid a year and they were all girls, this is what it would look like. a 4, 3, 2, and 1 year old.
can you tell they were hot? look at those red faces after jumping on the trampoline.
ivy, the kid just makes me laugh.
till tomorrow (trying to blog daily, we will see how long it lasts!)...


Damaris said...

Christian wants a new board so bad. He also wants to be in Hawaii. Oh well.

you should totally have 4 little girls. I think you could handle it no problem.

chanel said...

mmmmmmm, i can feel the warmth through the computer!! you may be saving my life- thank you.

stef j. said...

thank you thankyou THANK YOU x 1000 for watching my little girly-Os yesterday!! they had a BLAST!!

and i'm SO happy to see pics of them!

those look like some killer delicious smoothies!

liko said...


missy said...

It's like all is back to normal now that you are in Hawaii again. Phew.