Saturday, January 16

guess what luke is getting for his birthday...

Solving the Need — A new skiing frontier from Jason Starr on Vimeo.

he just threw up in his mouth. i peed my pants laughing.
it gets really good about 3 minutes into it when the guy talks about how he just wants to destroy waves and how bummed he was that he "had to surf" to do that. amazing.

thank you korduroy.


Mrs. Jones says said...

SO funny. One of my friends actually developed the prototype for these. He does wake surfboards... what else to do when you don't live by the ocean I guess... but I totally don't get using these IN the ocean.

ice cream barrels said...

wow, i've never seen somebody sooo stoked to be soooo kkkoookkked out ...whatever works whatever works, i guess...but seriously man, cmon brah!
luke i could totally see you killin it on those twinners though ha!

Nancy said...

when the starr guy said "you gotta understand that a skiier views the world and thinks what is it like to shred on my skis (or whatever)" and Mike said "you gotta understand that when I look at a man's butt I wonder what its like to make love to that" except he was a bit more husband is rad. And this video made my day. Thanks Ash. Happy late birthday old man. :)