Thursday, January 14

a good day

today, that is.
i was awaken by two little girl who were awaken at 6 by the trashman.
they were happy.
we snuggled.
we were freezing.
laugh if you will, but it's super cold here right now:
then we played.
next we ate heart shaped waffles.
syrup was in abundance.
i missed my dad's amazing waffles.
and reading was next.
then we played some on the trampoline.
got ready to go to the beach.
packed a lunch and headed for turtle bay.
greated by a large seal sunning himself on the beach:
cold wind, yuck.
came back to l-town.
walked across the street to hukilau for a picknic.
suddenly realize ivy is getting too big
drizzles of rain and the wind had followed us.
no swimming.
velzy shed a tear, she really wanted to swim.
walked home.
velzy turned into a model.
held hands crossing the street.
ivy was tired, she turned in for a nap.
velzy and i did some of her "learning book."
she watched some youtube caillou while i made something (hooray for making things again!).
mini-me wanted "to play with needles and poke a shaka."
she tried her hand at embroidery:
jumped on the trampoline again.
played with the neighbors.
went surfing at goats with 3 friends.
had it to ourselves.
it was small and well, crappy.
but it was fun.
came home to my loves.
took a hot shower.
got the girls to bed.
kissed luke on the cheek- he's sick :(
up the point to say happy b-day to miss katie and ate some awesome ice cream cake.
down the point to watch the rest of project runway and make a diaper cake with betsy.
today was a good day.
good night.


Lori said...

I LOVE your is so important to ENJOY the small moments and not just the big ones. YOU ARE living life and you are showing your girl to LIVE life. YAY! LOVE IT!!!!!

heidi said...

sounds fabulous and awesome.

echo said...

ohh, i love your day.

Melissa said...

that does sound like a good day! :)

Ivy looks a lot like velzy in her bikini! I've only ever seen her wear a one peice and she looks so grown up in these pictures!

Jamie Watson said...

Loved reading about your day. Sigh. Happy.

liko said...

what a wonderful day!!
except for the cold wind stuff.

a mermaid said...

Love it. I don't really want these little kid, beachy, crafty, simple days to end! How do we press pause? :)

chanel said...

best day ever! you have soooooo much energy- i think w/ ivy getting so big & you having so much energy it is time for another one!
the pictures are GREAT! Love I's "flip" or fall or whatever on the tramp. cute!!!!

Autumn said...

Being a stay at home mom rocks! When will we be neighbors :)

Smiths said...

trade you "colds"? Your life looks amazing- you're a great photographer.