Tuesday, December 8

seen and heard

velzy (while watching "dancing to the stars"- a special treat at grandma's house):
"what does sexy mean?"
"mommy, are you sexy?"
"why is he smelling her?"
"ivy has white hair, and i have dumb blond hair."

velzy- after taking the trash man a gatoraide
"mom, when i grow up, can i be a trash girl?"

ivy, with paper in hand:
"mommy, where is a pen? i can not use my finger!"

ivy "can i tell you a joke in your ear?"
luke "yeah"
ivy "chicken butt!" "ha ha ha. that was a funny joke!"

velzy showing adam a little thing attached to her princess dress "do you know who this is?"
adam "yeah, it's freaking barbie"
ivy "can i see freaking barbie?'
*that a few weeks ago, she still refers to barbie as freaking barbie

ivy, while driving in the car
"i see mcdonalds and mcdonalds sees me, God bless mcdonalds and God bless me."
upon hearing us laugh, velzy did the rhyme about in-n-out

there is a seriously taylor swift obsession around here, thanks to my mom who listens to her cd in the car. velzy knows a lot of the lyrics and it's hysterical to hear her sing with the music. the other day i walked into the living room and heard ivy telling velzy:
"you be singing taylor and i be the girl banging on the drums" and then they rocked out.

ivy, in the car
"lauren is a dumb blond, i am a dumb blond, kaia is a dumb blond, kardiff is a dumb blond, velzy is a dumb blond, grandma is a dumb blond"
someone taught them that blond hair is called dumb blond hair. love it.

luke: "can we have some white jasmine rice?"
ivy: "can i have some ariel rice?"

and last week we were seen stopping by to say hi to santa at california adventure. notice the girls are not sitting on his lap. velzy probably would have sat there but ivy was happy next to him and nothing more than that. i thought it would be good to have a picture where they are both happy so i didn't push my luck. but looking back, i should have put ivy on his lap and watched her freak out.

heard: ivy wants a baby and velzy would like a train set- mainly because cause she heard me talk about getting her one. i don't think she knows what she wants or understands that she could ask for whatever. lucky for me.
and yes, i know my last post was about the real meaing of christmas and santa is opposite of that, but kids are kids and if santa helps them get excited about christmas and love the holiday then i think i am alright with that.

seen: me wasting time on the computer so i don't have to pack and clean.

seen: luke making his final edits to his paper, while watching the eddie aikau live. wishing we were there- it's huge!


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i bet you wish you were here, but i bet you dont miss the traffic!:) your girls are cute cute cute!

Autumn said...

I am watching it live too, so awesome!!! So crazy too! Your girls look adorable!

stef j. said...

oh yah, i might've just gotten home from a day at waimea. :)

liko said...

yeah, everyone on the beach looked like a million ants i wanted to squash. but the waves were epic. doug played hooky so we had a day date and went there. and he came home and watched the finals live...

have fun packing.

Jared Zane, Anna Christine and Delmer said...

haha, I love the quotes! Such cute girls!

lauren said...

so were all dumb huh?
i miss you already and you have not even left yet...

heidi said...

i love the santa pics and thoughts. ivy is sounding so grown up!! i have to give an AMEN to your previous post. i worked really hard with oshyn on that when he was little--this reminded me that i need to come back from the wordly side that drags us in and get cruzer singing silent night in addition to "frosted" the snowman. thanks and good luck moving.

Aubrey Jane said...

"freaking barbie" had me laughing out loud - what funny little people.

Kelli Radmall said...

Those quotes crack me up! Such funny girls and so cute too.

Robyn said...

I loved this post! I love all the cute things they say! I couldn't find you after church and took forever getting to my car. Can I order some flower alligator clips? Just like the one Ivy had in her hair on Sunday in that same color purple, black, white, and pink? If you don't have those colors, just let me know what you do have. You make the cutest clips! robynminer@gmail.com

Smiths said...

I need some more Ivy and Velzy in my life :) Cute

Holladay Photo said...

oh my goodness the girls look so much older in that santa pic! congrats on wrapping things up and making your way back to Hawaii- I'm sure you're looking forward to settling in! see you soon! - patria

Megan and Keli'i said...

Those are awesome. I am still laughing...ariel rice...dumb blonde...all awesome.