Monday, December 7

a quick little thought about christmas

as i looked on youtube this morning for christmas songs to play while the girls and i colored we talked a bit about the christmas story and i realized how important it is for me to teach them about the christmas story. we have such a big responsibility to teach our children these things because lets face it, with the exception of church, the real meaning of christmas is not presented to them anywhere else. it's easy to get wrapped up (pun intended) in everything- especially for me right now with packing, cleaning, flights, saying sad good byes. it's easy to forget teach them christmas songs that are about more than sleigh bells and jolly old saint nicholas. it's easy to look at christmas adds and ask them what they want from santa. but i promise to not forget to take a few minutes everyday to teach them what it's all about. it's amazing what you can teach a child in just a few minutes and what is even more amazing is what they remember. ivy is pretending her baby is jesus and she is mary as i type. velzy just said she is one of the shepherds. and now, ivy just walked in the bathroom to show baby jesus how to use the potty, velzy reminding her to close the door behind them. these little girls make me laugh, but also make me so happy that they sort of "get" what it's all about.


Jill said...

I sometimes stress that I am not teaching them enough but you are right - a couple times a day just short little clips they soak it up. I love their little brains!
ANyway I was also going to tell you about (if you didn't already know) its a radio station online you pick the genre or type in a band and they play music like that. They have a great Christmas station that the girls and I have been listening to quite often. ;)

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

YES! I was just emailing Melissa about this. Our lesson in RS yesterday was making a Christ centered Christmas and it dawned on me in the lesson that I made that big fat holiday list on my blog and only included one or two things that had to do with the nativity.... sad. Really sad when you think about it. I came straight home from church and me and Ambrose sat in front of his Fisher Price nativity and read his story book over and over until I was sure he knew who all the people were and we will do that everyday. He loves it and I am glad. Thanks for posting this important reminder!

stef j. said...

i'm so crazy into this concept... possibly a little more than is commonly accepted. like, i'm not into santa. at all.

and i think it's adorable that ivy took baby Jesus potty!! pwahaha!! that's awesome!

and guess what... I'M SO STINKIN' EXCITED TO SEE Y'ALL!!!

chanel said...

so good.
so true!

Jennelle said...

love it! love it!...Charlie Brown Christmas is my favorite Christmas time cartoon! The message is great and I love Linus' lisp..ha ha. I am surprised they will still play it on T.V. now that it seems like jesus is completely being fazed of Christmas, the government or any type of public attention for that matter.