Tuesday, December 22

in case you are jealous from the last post...

*aloha friday was canceled due to crappy weather.
*i have only surfed once since we have been here and have only been to the beach twice.
our house smells like wet dog. we have moped twice and scrubbed things with bleach and i am still finding lots of dog hair all over. seriously, who had a husky in hawaii? that is cruel to the poor hairy pup.
*"starting over" when you move somewhere far away is expensive- filling the cupboards and buying (lots of) cleaning stuff.
*feeling unsettled and not knowing where most of your things are is annoying.

*we are making lots of progress.
*the cupboards are slowly finding food in them and the house is smelling better.
*we get to hang with luke's family and are slowly running into lots of old friends who we are happy to see.
*our longboards arrived on the island and didn't get dinged in transport.
*velzy and ivy rule- i love them so so much and they have been so good as we drag them around to run errands.
*we live in hawaii- so i know there are lots of great beach days ahead.

and christmas is in a few days? wow. how did that come up so fast?


*brocliface said...

As much as I love hearing your little voice via written blogging... I am in need of photos of the new place and the babies!! You know that I am more of a visual person and need to feel settled and that all is well (I know, you need that too!) When it happens, send photos! XO Grandma

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

yuck, wet dog smell. but yeah for starting to get moved in!!! i know the unsettled feeling- I have been feeling it since March but i have no doubt you will get everything all nicey nice in no time! see ya tomorrow.

McLove said...

Sad about the dog problem but JEALOUS indeed that you are in Hawaii. Beats the heck out of Bakersfield! Happy Holidays!

liko said...

if you ever need me to entertain the girls for a while as you settle in and whatnot, let me know!!

Smiths said...

I'm sorry the moving fairy's didn't swoop in and make everything perfect. Something about Christmas day in Hawaii- good surf on or near the day, so you can look forward to that. It's pretty crazy this time of year where ever you are, so while we're not in crazy moving mode, we're all going a little bonkers. Hope it all settles down soon.

Molly Malia said...

so there.