Thursday, December 24

mele kalikimaka

we are moved in, settling down, and happy. i am so super excited to stuff stockings tonight i can't wait! this will be the first time we have had christmas at our own residence, and i am looking forward to waking up- hopefully not too early, but you know we will be up as soon as the sun shows her beautiful smile on us- and hangin' with our lil family.

happy christmas eve!


a mermaid said...

I just stuffed the stockings and now I'm all giddy and eager for Ambrose to wake up!! I may not be able to fall asleep!

liko said...

i just wrapped up wrapping the last of the presents...happy stocking-stuffing!!!

and Merry Christmas!!! in your own place - fun fun times!!

The Trotter Family said...

Hope your Christmas was fun and I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures you take!

Aubrey Jane said...

Glad you all made it and are settling in! Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!