Sunday, November 29

thanksgiving 2009- definite success. lots of food, lots of loved ones, lots of fun. velzy made lil turkeys for each place setting, she was so funny to watch make them. every turkey had to be different. she can be such a perfectionist. on thanksgiving we were at my parents house with my mom's side of the family. friday was spent in the mountains with my dads family.
this is my great-aunt norma. she is 95 and is so funny. this is her plate, before she hit up the rolls, salad, and turkey. she also had three kinds of pie for dessert. the woman is amazing!
velzy and ivy love my uncle don, they laugh and have so much fun together.
the day after thanksgiving we headed up to my grandpa's house. within 5 minutes of pulling up velzy and ivy were on their horses ready for a ride.
velzy and my cousin monteray (above)
velzy and bonnie (below)
ivy let me ride with her, for a few minutes then she told me to get off. she was so stoked. i am pretty allergic to horses but i popped a claritin and was fine. thank you claritin.
ain't my mom cute?
we were hoping to go shooting around my grandpa's house, but since there has not been any rain yet this year we could not shoot anything major for fear of fire, but there was quite the artillery of red ryders and bows.
it's amazing how much fun a bb gun can be.
this picture should scare you- billings boys with guns.
luke got pretty good at the compound bow- all the 12 year olds were impressed. and i surprised myself a few times.
molly, don't make fun of me if my form is wrong.
then we played volleyball under the moon till it was too cold and we went inside and stuffed our faces while playing games.
i am thankful that i was able to be home this thanksgiving.


liko said...

um, my camera is not anywhere near the calibre of yours...still waiting on that one. it's a canon powershot some'n or 'nother that my cousin just gave me because she upgraded. it was free, so you can't beat that.

and the pony rides and archery look so fun!!!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

Perfection! Especially that last picture- wow!!

The Deter's and Peach's together. said...

looks like you had a wonderful thanksgiving. the pics are so cute.

chanel said...

so awesome! when i grow up i want to give my kids the life you have!

uh, that thanksgiving plate of your great aunt's looks incredible!!! mmmmmm. when we meet -someday- we need to eat together, cause you always have the best food in your posts!

McLove said...

LoVE the photos!!! And the one of you and Luke from the last post. Looks like you guys had an awesome Thanksgiving!!

missy said...

Love all these photos Ashley! How great are the one's with the horses?! Sounds like you had a perfect Thanksgiving. Your girls...they are so so adorable.

Jamie Watson said...

Your Aunt Norma looks amazing! I thought she was 20 years younger before I read her age. WOW.

Mrs. Jones says said...

So fun! Is that butternut squash bake I see?! That is my FAVORITE thing my Mom makes, like candy with dinner. ;)

BOWDENS said...

What a fun Thanksgiving! I love the horseback riding and the gun shooting. And your Aunt Norma looks no where near 95. have good genes!

Molly Malia said...

good form ash!
feeling sad that we didn't get to see you guys during your california adventure!

see you guys in a couple months tho!

The Trotter Family said...

Wow, you have been a blogging fiend lately! So do you always keep track of how much food people eat? If so, I won't be eating around you! What a fun day for you guys. Kristyn's family shoots on Thanksgiving too. Who came up with that tradition?

Smiths said...

your thanksgiving is another reason why taj needs to marry velzy- we need an invite to the rad festivities. You guys do thanksgiving right!