Sunday, November 29

it's 7:14 and my kids are in bed.

can you hear the angels singing?
it looks like i need to upload the rest of the thanksgiving pictures and blog.


echo said...


Keli'i and Megan said...

Two things:

1. I recognize most of the food on that plate, but what are those long GREEN things called? My hubby refuses to have anything green at our table on Thanksgiving. Says it takes up too much room.

2. Excuse my language, but for better lack of terms, you look pretty bad ass with that bow and arrow. I'm just sayin'.

chanel said...

funny. i love tuckered out kids!

Greg and Diana said...

Amazing, kids in bed that early...hopefully you enjoyed the quiet time!!

Oh and guns = LOADS of fun =) I had no idea how much fun they were until I was forced to shoot one when I got married. I went from refusing to ever own or touch one to collecting them =) Those bows and arrows looked fun too!!

Denae said...

Now THAT is how you should spend thanksgiving. And you are looking pretty hot Ash! You can rock the Indian look like no other. Loven those cute girls.