Sunday, November 1

hope you had a happy halloween

we did!

i am such a great mom i didn't even get a picture of velzy. opps. every year i always wish i had dressed up for halloween, and when luke decided he wanted to be a cholo i had to laugh. last minute i decided to join him in his gangster-ness. i talked the girls into wearing the flamenco dresses we brought back from spain- ivy wanted to be a cat and velz wanted to be a bee. they can choose their costumes next year, i was feeling too lazy to make costumes. they were soooo cute in the little dresses! we had a great night hangin with friends, having chili-fest 2009. and of course, trick-or-treating was a success. amazingly, the girls did not even ask for a piece of candy today, but i offered them a piece for dessert. i have not eaten a piece of candy since june so i had my first candy free halloween. it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be, but i did have three pumpkin blondies, soooo good.

ivy has been on a roll lately:
- a lady gave her 2 suckers. she took them out of her pumpkin and handed them back "i don't want these" "oh, ok, can i give you different candy?" (offering 2 more pieces) "no" and she walked away.
-later she was showing lauren her candy in her bucket and told her "look at all my cavities!"

and velzy happily went her way and scored more candy than anyone, holding hands with anyone she could, enjoying the night.


Smiths said...

Umm, how do I say this? Your costume is just offensive. JUst Kidding- classic. I love it. Don't have to remind me not to mess with the Moffats.

Also, Pumkin patch looks amazing, stay strong candy free lady, I'm bumbed I missed the entire give away- I'm feeing lucky, and yes, motherhood is about learning to stop and smell the roses. It's hard to be patient and remember we can't cotrol anything really, except our attitude. Hmm. How Young Womens does that sound?

missy said...

Ok I am dying at this family costume. It is so so great. Could you guys pull it off any better? I never would have expected it being such a beach/surfer family. You are chameleons! Kidding, but really...I love it. Ok and your girls letting you put those on them? There was no way I could sway Ave's idea to dress up. Awesome that they let you change their costume day of.

Aubrey Jane said...

You guys look great! The girls are beauties in their flamenco dresses.
Love your headbands by the way!

BOWDENS said... guys look awesome! I tried to get my family on board for a theme costume but it didn't happen. Nice job. You look way tough and I love your girls' dresses. happy halloween.

Robyn said...

I LOVE your costumes, especially the backdrop and the car!!! A true gangsta family! Those dresses are awesome. Love it. You are so creative.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

haha- i knew what you were immediately- i love southern california so so much!

great job. seriously. for reals. love it!

good job on not eating halloween candy too......... wish i could say the same. i know! boo!

anyway, let's go camping when you get back fo sho!

liko said...

me and doug are cracking up so hard right now!! you guys look like the real deal! haha! so awesome!

and i'm loving the dresses from spain!

you guys rock!!

Jen C. said...

I just want to know where you scored a doo rag. ha ha That's hilarious! You guys looked great and the girls were beautiful.

Keli'i and Megan said...

Hahaha! What's up vato? Holy smokes you guys look hot in your gansta-ness. And those flamenco dancer costumes? Whoa, those are sooooo cute. Ivy and Velz look adorable. And what you say about Ivy being on a roll, um, are she and Eva related? Sounds like something that would come out of her mouth.

Damaris said...

good thing you guys didn't come to SC he'd been shot. seriously. we've been having really bad gang violence around here. It sucks

Robyn said...

Wait, I forgot to ask you, why have you not eaten candy since June? You are my hero!

Autumn said...


Jennelle said...

LOVEing it! Vato Loco

Ivy is so funny. What kid gives back free candy?

chanel said...

um, best costumes ever! you guys are sooooo funny!!! love the pictures with the car- you guys can hang.

stef j. said...

OMGsh ivy is HILARIOUS!!!

and y'all are some awesome wetbacks (can i say that... did i just say that... don't hate me. i'm not racist.)

Valley Girl said...

Srsly!?! She called her candy cavities? what have you been teaching her, miss no candy for months!?! that is srsly inpresive.. i think i would die... sugar is soooo my drug of choice.

your costumes crack me up...too fumnny for words!

McLove said...

The pictures of you two by the car are AMAZING!

Lacey said...

that is awesome! ,lizzy has the same red dress from spain, although it was from grandma, i still hope to go one day!

Molly Malia said...

ivy, have i taught you nothing??? take, and run my child, take and run!
love the new family pic, xmas cards??

love it! miss you guys!

dad, kasey and myself went to the salt lake temple for baptisms tonight with the ym and yw. kaseys first time ever.

great night.