Thursday, October 15

san diego scared craft

first off, thanks for the support on the headbands, i will make more for sure. and whatever doesn't sell i will post on etsy. they are fun to make, so that is really why i am doing it.

saturday was date afternoon for luke and i and we went down to the sacred craft in san diego.
sacred craft
funny that it was date day, but i really went to see my boyfriend michel junod.

actually he was there with his wife, who is super nice, but we did have a good time talking to him. i told him that he is the best shaper of all time and i think it left an impression- a few hours after talking to him we were on our way out to our car and heard someone yell "luke, ashley wait!' and it was michel walking up to us wanting to chat as we walked out to our cars together. he is a jem. i can't remember someones name that i met 5 minutes ago and he remembered ours hours, and hundreds of new people later. not only is he the best shaper ever (we have two boards by him that are magic) he is also a really cool person.
other highlights of the show were:
oh-ing and aw-ing over wegner hand planes. we are gong to make one soon, i can't wait!
hand planes
boards, boards, boards!
watching joe baugess shape a board
joe baugess
the crazy surfboard made of cardboard
cardboard surfboard?!?
and of course free multi colored wax.
great date day if i don't say so myself.


Keli'i and Megan said...

Looks a little bit like heaven. Uh huh.

liko said...

me and doug need freaking date nights or days every week.
cardboard, huh?

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

what a cool date! perfect for you guys- love it.

The Trotter Family said...

You will have to tell us what wegner hand planes are. They look like they are smaller than a skimboard!

ice cream barrels said...

michel was the M.C. when I went to see the present in santa cruz..... he literally seems like the nicest person you have pictures of him covering your kitchen cabinets? that would a website for you and puke....

if you're already in the know...whatevas, but it has a nice collection of flicks and tunes.....

also, we should definitely chill sometime before you bail...we could meet in like fresno or something....ha..anyhow, i think i got your email so i'll end this nonsense......

lauren said...

good times. and hot pink wax seems to be the new thing among the hb grom scene...

missy said...

you look so much like your mom...right? so pretty ash.