Monday, October 19

nerd alert

today at joann's while i was debating over what to get, i gave velz and iv each a tic tac.
15 seconds later a little voice told me that she had a tic tac stuck up her nose.
it was really up there.
like, far.
i could not even see it.
i laughed.
the lady next to me laughed.
velzy's voice got shaky. "mom, it hurts!"
so i put a finger over her left nostril and told her to blow.
a yellow tic tac flew out of her right nostril.
i laughed some more.
then ivy copied her and shoved hers up her nose too.
and why wouldn't she?
the lady next to me laughed.
i tried to hide me laughter as i squeezed a half eaten tic tac out of her nose.
gotta love hanging out with my little nerds.

and, i just found velzy's tick tac in my pocket.


McLove said...

hhhahahahaha:) That is hilarious! LOVE those pics:)

Matti said...

Hahaha, and I love that her tic tac was still in your pocket. Such an awesome story.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

GREAT pictures and funny story... i cant help but feel somewhat responsible- thanks for getting that stuff for me - you are da bomb!

Keli'i and Megan said...

Hahahahaha! awesome.

Sallyseashell said...

Thanks for the laugh! Your kids are too funny!

Valley Girl said...

that is so funny! Jt stuck a bead up his nose and we couldn't get it out for hours... it was kinda scary.

I am glad the Lady next to you laughed along with you...joann's is full of kindred spirits... I love that place!

And I love those pictures of your girls.. their fun personalities shine through in them,

liko said...

funny story!!!

my parents said when i was a youngun, i somehow managed to shove a balloon way up yonder in my nostril. strange.

totally LOVE those photos of the girls!!! too cute!

BOWDENS said...

Haha! Funny story.

Smiths said...

Hooray for Snot Rockets! Oh, those girls are silly.

Melissa said...

these are hilarious pictures!!