Sunday, October 11


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ivy took a late nap today. after being in bed for half an hour her door opened. when i went to put her back to bed she ever so sweetly asks "can i hang out with you?"
how can you say no to that?
so, we are hanging out. checking blogs, coloring on my hand and covering it with stickers, and typing secret messages to any other 2 year olds that are checking blogs... you know, the kind of things you do when you "hang out."

i hope she always wants to hang out with me.

note: a boy just walked in the room and asked if she wanted to hang out with him. "yep" and off my lap she jumped. i am sure this is only the first of many times a boy will cut our hanging out time short. bummer.


Melissa said...

haha cute! :)

Keli'i and Megan said...

Love one on one time. Especially with cute little girls.

liko said...

i miss your little blonde-haired girls!!

i know, we will miss all those little moments that we have now. even the annoying things. then they grow up. so sad.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i'll have to show ambrose the two year old message when he wakes up tomorrow! so precious!

lauren said...

iv- kardiff said he loves you too..

chanel said...

and boys!... total bummers!

Valley Girl said...

that is so sweet! they grow up way too fast! was it at least daddy interupting mother daughter bonding?