Thursday, October 8


i know, i know. do i have nothing better to post than pictures of spain? i have not been getting my camera out that much the last few weeks. not that we have not been doing photo worthy things, i just have felt like playing instead of picturing. it seems that sometimes, when you have a camera in hand and are trying to document life or take pretty pictures, you miss out on doing the living and playing part.
and i just really like these pictures, so here is 24 hours in calpe...

calpe is a little beach town with the most crowded beaches i have ever seen. people in spain love umbrellas. there was one umbrella, if not two, for every family at the beach, the little strip of sand was a sea of umbrellas.
umbrella anyone?
we stayed right next to the port. if you like sea food calpe is your place. it was a fun place to be, although we were only there for one day. if you were going to be in calpe for a day, this is what it would be like-
you get off the bus at the station and grab your bags. it's the middle of the day and it's hot. you can't check into your hotel for a few hours so you head to the beach. it's a walk, especially with all your bags, but you make it and then change into your bathing suit, using the cool towel you just bought on the boardwalk. since you have your bags and you and your husband take turns swimming and staying with your stuff. surprisingly (or not) you are next to the topless girl with the biggest boobs. go figure. surprisingly, most women are not topless and those that are, you would rather they weren't (old lady saggy boobs, need i say more?). i do, however, like the idea that a family of four (boy's or girls) only needs 4 speedo-like bottoms for a day at the beach. so you hang at the beach for a while then gather your things and walk to your hotel and check in. then the fun begins...
the reason we stopped in calpe was to hike the "penon de ifach"
a big rock
the hike was pretty amazing and unlike anything i had ever done. you start on a nice little trail that is manicured and not too steep. then you reach a tunnel through the rock and all of the sudden on the other side there is no trail. the rock has been walked on so much that it is smooth and slippery, even though it is jagged and uneven, if that makes sense. i think you have to try to walk on it to get an idea of what i am poorly explaining.
tunnel through the rock
on the trail and there are tons of different paths and you don't know which way to go but you just keep going up. and you slip a lot, because you are wearing slippers (not recommended for hiking), and it is beautiful. after an hour and a half of hiking you reach the top to see views like this to each side.
calpe coast
calpe's other coast
you are happy to be there, but are a little scared that you are going to slip off the top and fall. i am not a fan of heights, i picture what it would look like as my body is falling- it's not healthy.
floating boats
after hanging on the top for a while looking at the boats below (pictured above), watching two german men almost fall to their death and meet some little kittens who apparently live up there, you turn and head down the rock, slipping and sliding the whole way down.
after you make it down the "rock" and enjoy the rest of the afternoon on the beach. the evening is spent at an english restaurant, watching teens smoke for the first time and eat a delicious mint and chocolate ice cream sunday.
and while you digest, you go for a long stroll along the coast. the full moons reflection dances on the calm mediterranean and you walk hand in hand with your best friend, talking and listening to the waves lap on the queens ancient swimming holes/fish hatcheries. can't describe how nice it was.
when you return to your room you find that it stinks of friend fish from the nearby restaurants. not the best smell to return home to, but your so tired you don't mind.
porto calpe
first thing in the morning you go for a little walk around the port, it's quite and the fishers are getting their nets untangled and ready for the day. so picturesque, it's awesome.
then you return to the english restaurant to have the most amazing fruit filled creps ever. you need the food for strength, it's a long walk back to the bus station to head to your next stop.


Keli'i and Megan said...

Awesome. So dang beautiful. I'm still jealous.

Jen said...

The pictures up on the rock are Beautiful. The water looks like glass and the boats look like their floating above. WOW!

Melissa said...

oooh oooh oooh! Those pictures are so lovely! I LOVE the boat one, it's not the only on ei loved but it stood out to me.
You guys had a blast, I want to go someday!

AJ said...


liko said...

i wanna do that hike and eat seafood in calpe!!

how were the prices in italy??


have to admit that first picture of the crowded beach made me claustrophobic...

guess i'm just a little SPOILED here.