Friday, August 7

seen and heard

on being smelly:
velzy: i think you tooted, ivy.
ivy: no, it was ariel.
velzy:  no it wasn't, princesses don't toot.
me: yes they do.
velzy:  then dad is a princess?

me: it smells. did you toot velzy?
velzy:  no, i didn't toot.  i think your body just smells bad because you went running.

on vanity:
seen- ivy sitting in the car with sunglasses on. i get out my camera and she takes them off.
heard- me: put the glasses back on, i want to take a picture
ivy: no, i want you to see my pretty eyes.  

ivy: papa calls me ocean blue because i have pretty blue eyes.  and i have marshmallow buns.

seen- velzy walking around the pool
heard- me: look at velzy's legs, they are so pretty.
a minute later i get out and walk around the pool.
luke: velzy, tell mom she has pretty legs.
vz: no, i am the one with the pretty legs.

bed time last night:
me: ivy, if you wake up with a dry diaper tomorrow morning-
ivy: i can probably have a chocolate, maybe. yes? ok.

vz: mom, come lay with me.
me: i can't, i have to go do the dishes.
vz: but are you so so tired?  
me: um, yeah.
vz: so make dad do them and go to sleep with me.

how to be a kook:
chat a little with skip frey in the water.  then take of on a wave and fall for no reason right in front of him as he is paddling back out.
then redeem yourself a while later and get a good wave right in front of him as he is paddling back out again and feel a lot better when he gives you a little hoot. 


echo said...

i love seen and heards, they are so funny.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

marshmallow buns
ha! so cute.

.Ang. said...


So funny!

aaron and meg facer said...

I think the seen/heard posts are my favorites. This one is hilarious!

liko said...

yep, marshmallow buns had to be my favorite.

Jamie Watson said...

Fantastic, all of it!

Jana said...

Seriously hilarious!
I love your girls they are priceless.
Here is a seen: Ivy licking Mose's feet today and then saying "mmmmmmmmm".
Ha ha, she is so cute!

Melissa said...

yeah I like the marshmallow buns too! so funny!

The Trotter Family said...

They say the cutest things. Don't you love how unfiltered they can be at this age? And it isn't's confidence!

Anonymous said...

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Mandy said...

So funny!! Love the marshmallow buns! We need to see you guys....soon please.

mahina said...

love the legs one!