Friday, August 7

life is a circus

there is not much that goes on around these parts.  last week a huge eucalyptus tree fell.  just out of the blue it came crashing down.  you would have thought it had landed on someone, every one was so, so excited about it.  there were 2 cop cars, all the U of Redlands security, all the neighbors that were home,  a fire truck, and lots of other randoms came down to see what had happened.  turns out the tree was all rotted inside and just fell.  we went for a swim. cause, ya know, it's freaking hot here.  one of the firemen walked up the the pool and asked if we wanted to go play on the fire engine.  he was really bored.  we were stoked- ok- velzy and i were, ivy was a little skeptical.  velzy had fun climbing around the truck with her buddy sydney and i had fun holding ivy.

that same day, our friends the barneys called to say that they had free tickets to the circus and invited us to go with them.  luke had class and sean was in surgery (giving the surgery, not having it) and so it was mom and kids night.
we got in early to meet the circus folk but were more interested in elephants than clowns- luckily.
elephant art.  you can't see, but he is whipping her to make the art.  not really.
these elephants have nicely manicured toenails.  i see no abuse here, they are more pampered than i am.
and this is the weirdest/grossest picture ever. elephants love french bread and they give it to them as rewards.

these people were amazing- probably my favorite part!
the gang.  malia looks like she was really loving it.
seated in the second row- for free! nice.
the little girl who loved the dancing girls and bopped all night on my lap to the music.
the 15 minute fit she threw the next day when she woke up from her nap to find out that she wasn't going to see the dancing girls again and that they had left town on the train.
we loved the circus, thanks again barneys!


heidi said...

ivy suddenly looks so grown up in the picture with you. i wanna see the dancing girls too. sounds like a good time.

liko said...

love the reflection in the fire truck rims shot. nice.

and my grandparents used to take us to the circus every summer and we loved it every time.

and you got to go for free!! sweet!

Anonymous said...

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