Monday, August 3

how i feel today:

guess what?
i realized this weekend that my maiden name is on my passport.  
my ticket to spain is booked moffat.  
they won't change the name on my ticket.
we leave in 17 days.  
expedited passport service takes 2-3 weeks (that's 14-21 days). 
don't want to risk it. 
i have go to LA to try to get a new passport. 
if it works, it's going to cost $160.
and our marriage certificate is somewhere amidst all my junk stored in hawaii.
i have to have it.  
the state of hawaii does not expedite these things to you and no one is answering their phones.
i hope betsy anela (there is a reason this is her middle name) can find it.
or hopefully we can do without?

this sucks.


McLove said...

That really does suck!! How horrible! You may have some luck getting your passport in LA. My sister didn't get hers in the mail in time before we went to Cabo and my mom and my sister went down and begged and ended up getting one. i think the trick was that they showed up super early and were the first ones there.
Good luck! Where are you guys going in Spain? We have been to Seville, Cadiz, Madrid, San Sebastian, Bilbao and Mundaka. Seriously Amazing! Mundaka is the best and I loved San Sebastian too. Oh I am jealous!
PS the girls all should be roomies:)

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

Ah crap!!! But Spain!! Why ya goin there?? So cool!! And your hair has gotten long. So pretty! Ok, hope she finds it. Seriously.

echo said...

serious sucking. sorry about that. marc had to expedite his just the other day cause he is leaving soon for an undisclosed destination and the stupid thing expired last month and we didn't know it. dumb.
but SPAIN!!? how cool is that!

echo said...
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Matti said...

that does suck.Spain sounds fun. I am jealous. I bet it will all work out. Can I go look for it for you??? Call me if you need me. 801-979-2702. I really don't mind digging through your stuff if you don't mind it being dug through, and your in-laws don't mind a strager digging either. ;-)...but really. Let me know.

Shanae said...

WHAT A PAIN, sorry you have to go through this. It will all work out, I will pray for your:) HAVE FUN IS SPAIN!!!

Keli'i and Megan said...

Nightmare! Let me know if I can help. And Spain? Seriously? I am SO jealous!

The Cooks in our Kitchen said...

Hey!! On a good note- This JUST happened to me on my way to Canada 2 weeks ago. I did not realize what I had done until I got to the airport.
Air Canada was able to fix it for me AT the airport. They just changed my name on my ticket for all of my flights to and from Canada.
The woman originally asked me if I had an "amendment" to my passport. I am not sure if you looked into that, but she made it seem like I did not have to have a new passport but just a name amendment in my passport.
Either way, it worked out with ease for me, but Canadians are SUPER nice... not so sure about Spain ;) Good luck!!

Erika said...

Bummer! Hopefully everything will QUICKLY work out for you. I went the name amendment route too and it was much cheaper. If you do that, at least you can save $$$. How fun is it that you're going to Spain. I've only been to Barcelona but I LOVED it. It would have been even better had I known Spanish, so at least you're lucky in that way. Can't wait to hear all about it...because you ARE going.

Melissa said...

spain!?! what!?! that is cool! why are you guys going?

It'll all workout! I know it, then you will go and have a blast! But I know it's stressful. hope it works out sooner rather than later!

The Deter's and Peach's together. said...

i am soooooooooooooooooooo sorry!!! i hope it works out and that you have a wonderful time.

Denae said...

That does suck Ashley!!! Hopefully someone answered their phone & saved the day. Good luck!

liko said...

yeah, um, i was hating you for being able to go, but not enough for this to happen!!?
when i was in oregon once, doug's mom booked my ticket back to hawaii and put 'liko' on it. of course the name on my license is 'syreeta' and after 9/11 we know how traveling and security changed. anyways, we called the airlines and they said they would change the name for a $100 fee. didn't wanna pay that, didn't, but had to get home, with faith (doug was going to mexico). i was stressing out, but then i handed the check-in lady my ticket and she just glanced at my ID and i got on. no problemo. she didn't even notice. but of course, this situation is very different from yours, since passports are a big deal.
oh, and my passport still has my maiden name on it, so last year when we went to NZ we booked the ticket using my maiden name.
seeing as all this doesn't really help your current, crappy situation, i just don't understand why the airlines won't allow the name change on the ticket. they usually do, but they charge you. and we're talkin' Espana here, so even if there is a fee, just do it!!!

keep praying really hard this works out!!! i'm sure it will. and let me know if i can do anything. what airlines are you flying on, anyway???

liko said...

oh, and you look really pretty. :-)

J,D and Little B said...

The same thing happened to me a few times. I just brought an ID with my old last name and then new last name... the guy totally understood. Hope it all works out for you... wish I was in your shoes!

lauren said...

um... good thing i brought this to your attention? sorry chica.. it will all work out.

.Ang. said...

SPAIN!?!?! how exciting is that?!?!

But Passports. and SHTUFF... How frustrating!

good thing you noticed now and not in a week or AT THE AIRPORT as you are about to board the plane. (Or not board the plane)

We'll be praying for you too!