Friday, June 26

rest in peace to my mom's twin.
and that mj guy too.
and now, off to sea world!
happy friday.


Greg and Diana said...

OK THAT is hilarious...I have looked at Farrah that closely before but OH MY GOSH....She looks JUST like your mom!! How funny!! What a great look-alike to have, your mom is gorgeous!!

Luckily she didn't have any resemblence to that MJ guy =)

McLove said...

That is funny. They do look alike:) Girls camp....we finally came up with a skit:) That ninja game looks fun. We will have to try it:) We are going the 14th-18th. Should be fun. I was super glad to hear you had a good time. Make me more excited.

Denae said...

Your mom looks like Farrah?? Man she must be one sexy lady.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

ok- i LOVE that you mentioned that throw because i thought of it like 10 times this week as i literally tossed, threw, shoved and kicked ambrose away from me and/or the baby this week. i thought, meh, it's good for him. ashley did it and she's an awesome mom so i'm cool. :) love it!

heidi said...

how fun to have cousies in town. i am dying over your family pic on the side. luke makes you all look like a blast from the past--70s anyone?

Smiths said...

Yes. Your mom does look like Farrah, and I'm glad to have that connection because I had been thinking she looked a little like Lindsey Lohan's Mom. Dont' hate me.
Have fun with Nikki!