Sunday, May 3

seen and heard, vacation edition

so there are over 500 posts on my google reader to look through- so much for taking some time off from the blogging world. don't tell anyone, but i liked it a lot. it was nice to just sit at a computer for a few minutes to check email and turn it off. but alas, i like blogging way too much to give it up, and we are back in the lovely inland empire till friday when we can escape back to the beach so i am sure i will be posting.

and since i have not looked at our pictures since easter, here are some more words to read:

my mom running with her two scoops of baskin robbins (31 cents each thanks to 31 cent scoop night last wed!) and the scoops jumping off her cone onto the road. just think of all the calories she saved herself. i, on the other hand, ate both scoops.

me- "velzy don't go out there your all wet and will be cold"
velzy- "no i won't, i am going to go like this" -folding her arms in front of her like you do to stay warm and left.

ivy petting a black widow spider.
heard- "dad, look at the ant on the wall"

ivy sucking her thumb holding on to velzy's shirt and cuddling.
heard- "ivy, you can snuggle on me as much as you want."

luke: "velzy sing happy birthday mr. president..."
velzy: "happy birthday president... monson."

my dad's snake eating a mouse.
heard- garrett (neighbor kid): "the snake is constricting and squeezing the mouse to death"
velzy: "no he is not. the snake is giving the mouse a hug."

me- "ivy, stop touching that truck, it's not ours"
ivy- "yes it is"
me- "really, when did you get it?"
ivy "april 14"

ivy climbing up the outside of my parents stairs
heard- velzy yelling: "ivy NO!"
me- "what's going on?"
velzy- "i was just screaming at ivy because she was climbing and i love her and i don't want her to get hurt, just like my mom and dad"

ivy: "beach time!"


echo said...

i love 'seen and heard' postings they are so funny. we miss you guys!

echo said...
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liko said...

good to hear you're still ALIVE! and tell me you are freaking kidding me about ivy 'petting' a black widow!!!? i really really hate arachnids. especially the ones with POISON. love the post! i like how velzy yelled at ivy because she loves her. at least she knows parents only yell because they care, right? and we really do miss you all. and i know you woulda been there beach friday. have fun at the coast!

Jennelle said...

Ha! as a snake owner myself I have to say that one was my favorite. What would the animal world be like if snakes only gave hugs to rodents? =o)


Scary about the black widow! YIKES I am afraid I might run into problems like that later on since I am determined that my kids will love and not be afraid of's just trying to teach them that you don't go around holding and petting all the ones you find.

(Hawaii cockroaches excluded...they can all die! I came to this conclusion when one crawled on my face while I was sleeping one night)

lauren said...

i love when you do these they crack me up! we had fun with you guys this weekend and we need to do it again!

Melissa said...

hahaha!! you have funny kids!

my favorite one is when ivy said she got that truck on april 14th! haha!!

i'm glad you're alive!! I was beginning to wonder! ;)

Jamie Watson said...

Those were so much fun to read. I especially smiled at the truck one. I took a break from all the computer related stuff I was supposed to do this weekend and I felt so good! (-:

Jen said...

Funny girls. No pictures is sometimes good. Lets your imagination play a little too.

Kirk + Chelsea said...

Gosh, I've never even met your kids, but I love them already! I just love to read your posts (although I don't get to enough because of busy-ness) and everytime I do I find myself either smiling or laughing! You're an awesome blogger!!

Robyn said...

Oh, those are precious. I really am trying to be better at writing down funny things my kids, well, Trent, say. You have such cute kids. I can't believe she was petting a black widow though!!!

Love the strawberry kisses!

Denae said...

Fun little guys. When are you coming back to HI? We are planning a trip out there & it would be wonderful if maybe this round you were there!

betsy said...

Those are all so freaking cute and hilarious! I miss those kids (and you) so bad!!

aaron and meg facer said...

These are so great! They always make us chuckle.