Saturday, May 30

the newest addition to the clubhouse

our apartment, aka "the clubhouse," has this little storage area in the carport that has pretty much nothing it it.  however, this little jem of a unicorn has been residing there, i remember finding her when we moved in and saying we wanted to hang it up but i guess we forgot it was there.  luke re-found her when he was getting out the grill earlier this week and took her in.  i am so glad he did, doesn't she look great on our wall?  we now live in a mystical bamboo forrest.  it's pretty rad.  


liko said...

cute cute.

Cody and Lexie said...

I am having flashbacks to the movie- The Last Unicorn- have your girls seen it? It was one of mine and Leah's fav,'s!!

betsy said...

will you be bringing this back? you need to. its great.
and ditto on the last unicorn movie.