Wednesday, May 27

a long post about a long weekend

how are ya?  i am good, thanks for asking.  i am a poor blogger on the weekends, that pretty much sums up the week away from my computer.
last wednesday was our 5 year anniversary.  luke had night class so we ate a huge rice krispy treat in the shape of a heart and he went off to class (when you have no mixer or good cooking utensils you tend not to go gourmet- and we saved some calories). 
thursday after luke was done with school we ditched the keikis with grandma and went to disneyland to play on the big kid rides that we don't get to ride when we are with the squirts.  we were joined by  adam, brynn, and joseph, it was a good time but the lines were crazy long and it was cold.  in lukes defense here with the weak score, his gun was "broken."
friday morning we got to go to the newport beach temple.  that place is amazingly beautiful, it was a great morning.  
photo stolen from flickr.   
little miss layne had a birthday that afternoon with a face/body painter- velzy and ivy were so stoked.
(and autumn, velzy keeps asking when layne is going to come play with us at the beach.)
next, we headed for the beach to cool off.  after a lovely little evening crescent bay we dined at taco bell.  it's scary when your kids have their orders memorized: one taco, no lettuce and one burrito (cheesy roll), thank you.  but i guess when your coming from laie that only has 3 "restaurants" to choose from, you get your orders figured out.

saturday morning we got to churches early for a surf.  it was crappy.but the sun eventually came out and the water is getting warmer.  and i am officially declaring it summer---- no more wetsuits till october!  i am so happy.  so happy that i forgot that i needed sunscreen on my white body and got good and burned.  it was also drop-in on ashley day, every wave i got some someone decided to drop in on me.  but whatevs, like i said, it wasn't all that good wave wise so i wasn't too sad.
luke did some friday afternoon ding repair on our boards- i can proudly say none of the dings were my fault.  i think this picture is from saturday morning, when he was polishing them up. i love that he is wearing a towel apron.sunday we had a lovely day at church and drove back to my parents house that night so we could play again at the beach for memorial day.  when we arrived, my sweetheart of a mother surprised me and had done the binding on a quilt that i have been needing to finish for a few weeks now.  she is a sweetheart, that woman.  i made the quilt top and bottom and put it together in 2 days and it had sat around for a month waiting for binding. i have always wanted to do a black and white quilt, so it was fun.  now i can finally send it to my friend who is making newborn kits for church humanitarian aide.  although, it is the hugest baby quilt i have ever seen.  

and a close up of the fabric that was on the back that i loved and binding i made, but did not put on the quilt.  i know, i'm a slacker.
memorial day we dilly-dallyed with a hot water heater (ok not me, i was keeping the girls busy) that broke and eventually made it to crescent.  i wish the beach was this deserted all the time. 
then, after we: made some sand mermaid tails, luke caught some barrels on a broken dora the exploradora bodyboard i got out of the trash, caught sand turtles, velzy attacked brynn (over and over and over), watched archimedes frolic in the water, and made some sand drip castles, we walked up to "the beach house" for a lil bbq and ping pong action.  i am getting way to used to getting to be around my family all the time.  it's so nice.  it's gonna be hard to go back to da kine.  but we are not thinking about that now, we have 7 more months to enjoy!
oh, and we made the best peach ice cream i have ever had.  ever.

it was a good long weekend.  how was yours?  


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

that quilt is amazing!!!!!! great job! and i wish someone would bind my two quilts for me... i have a feeling it is going to sit around for a looooooong time. oh well! great work!

Autumn said...

Layne had fun too w/ your girls! Saturday June 6th is my son's 11th b-day, if he doesn't have b-ball, which he shouldn't we are thinking all day beach day in the rv, bonfire etc.... we are getting him a long board so planning to surf for sure! Keep ya posted! I will let Lauren and family know too, so hopefully we can all finally hang out! Yeah-water is getting warm, wore a spring suit tonight and probably could of trunked it if no wind! SUMMER here we come!

liko said...

ivy, one tough little cookie that chica.
and i love that pop of red on the quilt - nice surprise of color.
and congrats to you both on your anniversary. mine was pretty lame. oh well. yours sounded rad.
and i always look forward to your blog updates...

Jane said...

we drove by your house the other day, strange with the temple closed and schools out. did you tell Autumn that you'd met me? tell her and Brett I said hi and miss them.
It's been sooooo HOT here, no wind and vog= those flying termites!

.Ang. said...

This is an awesome update!!!

Happy anniversary!! You made me want rice krispy squares, love the face paint! THAT QUILT IS AMAZING!!! i've been wanting to make a black and white quilt as well. yours is amazing! and I love the binding you made but didn't put on

Sounds like a fun weekend!

Take care!

Damaris said...

that quilt is my dream quilt. I love red and balck and white. Humm... I turn in my MA thesis today, it's 1:00am and I'm still working on it because I had to deal with enzo pooping all over his bedroom floor, and I'm pregnant. I think this qualifies me as in great need of a humanitarian project/beautiful quilt.

Damaris said...

by the way I would totally use it for my new baby girl, Maria Aurea

echo said...
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echo said...

the quilt is radical. i love it.
congrats on the anniversary.

Erika said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a full and fun weekend. Man, those CA people know how to throw birthday parties! Great quilt. Lucky baby! And what a fun filled day at the beach. The perfect way to spend Memorial Day.

McLove said...

You guys have been partying it up:) Love that gorgeous quilt you made, wish I knew how to do that. Love crescent bay and all of the pictures too. We will have to get together for a beach day this summer. We should be down often. Bakersfield is SERIOUSLY hot.

betsy said...

Happy late anniversary. 5 years. Honestly. Great.
I love these giant posts. I get exhausted after reading them from all the fun and activities you have. Can't wait to join in on the action soon!

Damaris said...

oh yeah and happy anniversary. I went to your wedding with Pammy and Kaity. It's fine if you don't remember. I knew no one at my wedding, it was super depressing. But I remember you looking fab and I remember your bridesmaids having really cute tops on.

we turn 5 on the 18th of June. Kindda fun that we have the same anniversary year

Melissa said...

did I miss what happened to Ivy!?

You are an amazing quilt maker, friend! I ADORE it! How did you quilt it? I need pointers.

great update, I loved it. and it is nice to be around family huh? I'm thoroughly enjoying my three weeks here.

By the way, where are you? I am in SD till the 11th of june. Maybe we can meet up if we're close enough!? That would be awesomeness.

Mahina said...

happy anniversary! and that quilt is awesome! i love the one red square on the front!

what happened to ivy?

Jen C. said...

I love the quilt. I do have to say that Luke's 70's 'stash is really awesome. :o) It looks like you guys have been having a great time, including boo boos.

Melissa said...

oh i just talked to chad (he has our celphone while I'm gone) and he said you texted! Yay!

I'll call you (I got your number), tomorrow or something. What about the beach on saturday this week or maybe next week?

let me know and I'll call you!

Matti said...

Oh my gosh, your quilt is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Sallyseashell said...

Wow! Five years? It seems like yesterday you guys invited us to your Teds Bakery Pie reception (which we couldn't make it to because we was off-island) But anyways, time really flies. So, what are we doing in CA for so long?

AJ said...

your pictures are so clean and so profesh looking. props.